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Endeavour on Its Last, Very Slow, Mission

Space shuttle crawls through the streets toward its final destination

(Newser) - At its prime, the space shuttle Endeavour cruised around the Earth at 17,500mph, faster than a speeding bullet. In retirement, it's crawling along at a sluggish 2mph, a pace that rush-hour commuters can sympathize with. Endeavour's 12-mile road trip kicked off shortly before midnight as it moved... More »

Gabrielle Giffords Cleared to Attend Shuttle Launch

Husband says she pumped her fist in excitement

(Newser) - Doctors have officially cleared Gabrielle Giffords to attend the space shuttle Endeavor’s final launch on Friday, Mark Kelly revealed in an interview with Katie Couric set to air on CBS tonight. Asked what Giffords’ reaction was, Kelly replied, “I think she said, ‘Awesome,’ and she pumped... More »

Up for Grabs: Free* Space Shuttle *$29M Postage & Handling Required

Museums vie for soon-to-be-retired spacecraft

(Newser) - NASA is preparing to give away its space shuttle fleet to institutions willing to cough up $28.8 million per spacecraft for cleaning and transportation. Atlantis will be retired after returning from its final mission today and some two dozen museums and other institutions around the country are vying to... More »

Shuttle Atlantis Embarks on Final Voyage

Craft scheduled to reach International Space Station Sunday

(Newser) - Space shuttle Atlantis is on its way to orbit for the last time. Atlantis and an experienced crew of six blasted off this afternoon from the Kennedy Space Center. More than 40,000 guests gathered at the Florida launch site, all of them eager to catch one of the few... More »

Fifth Spacewalk Completes Shuttle Crew's To-Do List

Endeavour crew successfully completes maintenance and upgrades of space station

(Newser) - Astronauts from the space shuttle Endeavour today completed the final tasks of their mission to upgrade and maintain the International Space Station’s Kibo lab, Space.com reports. Crewmen Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn spent five hours in space rewiring the station’s altitude control system and adding some TV... More »

Astronauts Spacewalk on Apollo Anniversary

(Newser) - Two Endeavour astronauts enjoyed a successful spacewalk on the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing yesterday, reports Space.com. The astronauts, who attached three large spare parts to the International Space Station, were outside at 4:17pm—the exact time Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on... More »

Space Station Toilet Calling Astroplumber!

(Newser) - A broken toilet is turning into a real pain on the International Space Station, reports Space.com. The record 13 astronauts in the station are forced to queue up for the one remaining functional commode, or use the facilities aboard the space shuttle Endeavor, currently docked there, say NASA officials.... More »

Debris Hits Endeavour On Liftoff

NASA says it's likely harmless, will examine shuttle tomorrow

(Newser) - When Endeavour lifted off today, onboard cameras captured pieces of debris falling off the exterior fuel tank and striking the shuttle, the Houston Chronicle reports. NASA officials say it's probably no big deal, and the crew will examine the orbiter with external cameras tomorrow. "That's a normal process for... More »

Ari Emanuel: Hollywood's Agent of Change

Rahm's brother set to become this century's first Hollywood mogul

(Newser) - Not only is super-agent Ari Emanuel one of the biggest players in Tinseltown, he’s changing the game, and could be the 21st century’s first Hollywood mogul, the Independent reports. The brother of President Obama’s chief of staff believes talent firms must become multi-faceted in order to survive—... More »

Storms Delay Endeavour Launch

(Newser) - Thunderstorms rolling in from the west foiled another NASA launch today, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Shuttle Endeavour and its seven astronauts were minutes away from liftoff when the storms encroached on the limit of 10 nautical miles around the launch site. NASA plans to try again tomorrow at 6:51pm.... More »

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch

(Newser) - NASA scrubbed space shuttle Endeavour's scheduled launch today after nine lightning strikes were reported near the pad in Florida. Technicians said they found no damage but will need another day to check critical systems. The next launch attempt will be in the early evening tomorrow. Endeavour should have blasted off... More »

NASA Scrubs Shuttle Launch

Hydrogen gas leak forces Endeavour's launch to be called off a second time

(Newser) - A hydrogen gas leak has forced NASA to call off the launch of the space shuttle for the second time in less than a week, AP reports. The glitch, discovered just hours before blastoff, means Endeavour's mission to the International Space Station will now be delayed until July 11 because... More »

Ari Emanuel Is Hollywood's New Boss

Rahm's brother takes charge with agency merger

(Newser) - Ari Emanuel has soared to new prominence in the past few months since his talent agency, Endeavor, merged with William Morris. Now, he’s Hollywood’s “pre-eminent power player,” write Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes in the New York Times. But what drives him? Says a producer: “... More »

Recession Whacks Tinseltown Agents

(Newser) - Hollywood's toughest power brokers—the big shot "10 percenters" of the top talent agencies—are no longer immune to the recession, reports the Independent. With the merger between former rival agencies William Morris and Endeavor officially approved, 100 top agents got the ax. Officials of the new entity hope... More »

Top Hollywood Talent Shops OK Merger

As star payouts dip, William Morris and Endeavor join forces

(Newser) - Two of Hollywood's top talent agencies agreed to merge today amid declining revenues in film and television, Variety reports. Pending government approval, the venerable William Morris Agency will share a new Beverly Hills office with 14-year-old Endeavor—and likely spark a flurry of clients and agents scurrying for new representation.... More »

Astronauts Wipe Off Grime on Final Walk

(Newser) - Astronauts lubed a joint and wiped a solar panel clean today on the last spacewalk of the Endeavour mission, Space.com reports. The final repairs on the International Space Station took just over 6 hours but were cut short for astronaut Shane Kimbrough when carbon dioxide levels rose in his... More »

Spacewalk Wraps Up, but Urine Gizmo Breaks Down

(Newser) - Spacewalking astronauts completed almost all of the greasy repairs on a gummed-up joint at the International Space Station today, leaving a few chores behind for a final walk on Monday. As spacewalk No. 3 was getting under way 225 miles up, a new recycling system for converting urine into drinking... More »

Endeavour Blasts Into Night Sky

(Newser) - Space shuttle Endeavour and a crew of seven blasted into the night sky today, bound for the International Space Station and the most extreme home makeover project ever attempted by astronauts, the AP reports. The shuttle rose off its launch pad at 7:55 p.m. EST, right on time,... More »

Endeavour Crew Finishes Final Walk

Astronauts set up inspection boom for next mission

(Newser) - A pair of Endeavour astronauts completed the last spacewalk of their historic assembly mission tonight, the Houston Chronicle reports. Over 6 hours, Mike Forman and Bob Behnken set up an inspection boom outside the International Space Station to help future shuttles avoid disasters like the 2003 Columbia tragedy. The boom... More »

Spacewalking Astronauts Test Repair Goo

'Caulk-like' stuff could avert disaster

(Newser) - Spacewalking astronauts successfully tested a high-tech goo that can be used to repair heat shields and help avert a repeat of the 2003 Columbia shuttle disaster, the Houston Chronicle reports. In work reminiscent of a “tile-and-grout” job, astronauts sprayed the pink caulk onto shuttle sections that were purposely damaged.... More »

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