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Weird Undulating Sea of Foam Takes Over California Street

'When does Santa arrive?'

(Newser) - "If there had been a fire, this system would’ve worked very well," San Jose Fire Department Capt. Mitch Matlow tells the Mercury News . Unfortunately there wasn't a fire, so instead a whole mess of fire-retarding chemical foam flooded a hangar Friday at San Jose International Airport... More »

Mystery Foam Strikes Japanese City After Quakes

One tweeter in Fukuoka calls it "disgusting"

(Newser) - A mysterious foam spread through the streets of a Japanese city on Saturday after two earthquakes struck the country , killing dozens of people, Mashable reports. With pedestrians and drivers in Fukuoka moving through the muck, people posted images of it on Twitter ( here and here ). One called it... More »

Here's Why We Spill Coffee More Often Than Beer

Beer's bubbles help us out

(Newser) - Transporting a round of beers from the bar to your table is an achievable task, but you probably wouldn't want to carry three cups of coffee without lids. Scientists at Princeton and NYU are explaining why: When it comes to beer, we have the bubbles to thank, the Smithsonian... More »

Astronauts Look at Endeavour's Tummy Trouble

NASA examines gouge as flying foam invokes memories of Columbia

(Newser) - Endeavor’s crew gave NASA a better look at a wound on the space shuttle’s belly today, CNN reports. Astronauts used a robotic arm to photograph the three-inch gouge on the shuttle’s heat shield, a ding caused by a flying piece of foam during liftoff. NASA hopes the... More »

4 Stories