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Popular Prez Faces Uphill Battle in Euro Meetings

Popular prez faces 'tense discussions': analysts

(Newser) - Obama may be a big hit in Europe, but that doesn’t mean his upcoming foreign trip is going to be easy. Overseas, he’ll be pushing for a new take on Afghanistan, fighting against weapons proliferation, and calling for Europeans to join together to fix the global economy, the... More »

Pope to Visit Israel in May

Papal trip comes as relations tense between Vatican, Israel

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI will visit Israel this May amid diplomatic tensions between the Vatican and the Jewish state, the New York Times reports. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert confirmed the visit today after the pontiff hinted at a trip last week. “We very much hope that the visit will be... More »

Top Spots for Solo Adventurers

Go it alone for fun

(Newser) - Looking to mend a well-trodden heart with a solo adventure? From serene fishing villages to culture-packed cities, several destinations can be just the ticket. For those who prefer to go it alone, IgoUgo readers recommend:
  1. Vienna
  2. Rio de Janeiro
  3. Florence
  4. Parque Nacional Volcan Baru, Panama
  5. Marseille, France
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10 Sweet Spots to Visit

Willy Wonka may be a fictional persona, but these ten real-life fun-food factories will bring out the kid in anyone.

(Newser) - Travel & Leisure takes you on a tour of a fun-food factories, where delights range from twisting your own pretzel to sampling donuts hot off the line.  Some factory tours can even be experienced from home.
  1. Twinkie:
  2. Tootsie Pop:
  3. Ben and Jerry's:  Waterbury,
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