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Woman Sues Spitzer Call Girl in ID Theft

Dupre 'showed driver's license closeup to get on Girls Gone Wild'

(Newser) - A New Jersey woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Ashley Dupre—better known as Eliot Spitzer's high-priced call girl—and Girls Gone Wild for defamation and invasion of privacy for Dupre's use of the woman's lost driver's license on the raunchy program. More »

Montana Gov Rips Real ID Law

Calls scheme 'kooky' and 'hare-brained'

(Newser) - NPR Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer and every single state legislator have refused to implement the Real ID Act, a congressional mandate to create standardized identification documents. Schweitzer tells NPR the law is "kooky" and "hare-brained," asserting that half a dozen high school students and a Kinko's are... More »

Mont. Governor Calls for Rally Against Real ID

Asks 17 other states to 'join me in resisting'

(Newser) - Montana's governor firmly rejected new federal ID legislation yesterday, urging 17 other states to join him in battling the DHS Real ID program, which requires citizens to reapply for ID, Wired reports. "If we stand together either DHS will blink or Congress will have to act to avoid havoc... More »

New ID Rules Look to Shore Up US Borders

Proof of citizenship now needed; 'Time to grow up,' says Chertoff

(Newser) - All travelers entering the US, including Americans, will face tough new ID requirements beginning in two weeks. "It's time to grow up and recognize that we've got to take determined steps to getting better security," homeland security chief Michael Chertoff told the AP. More »

New Fed ID Law Puts States in Costly Bind

Homeland Security pushes back deadline for revamped licenses

(Newser) - A new federal ID law has 17 states in an uproar over the cost of new driver's licenses and a rushed timetable, the AP reports. Michael Chertoff laid out final details of the REAL ID program today, including an extended timetable with one short deadline: Residents of states that don't... More »

FBI Plans Huge Biometric Index

On project 'Next Generation Identification'

(Newser) - The FBI is planning a $1 billion database of “biometric” information—face shapes, iris scans, palm patterns, and even gait patterns—to enhance investigations, the Washington Post reports. Critics fear that the plan, called Next Generation Identification, will further erode individual privacy as the body becomes a de facto... More »

SF to Issue ID Cards to Illegal Immigrants

City cards will allow access to city services, transport, and banks

(Newser) - San Francisco will issue its own identification cards, the city's Board of Supervisors decided yesterday. San Francisco is host to about 40,000 illegal immigrants, who will be able to use the cards to access city services and open bank accounts, though the details are not entirely worked out. City... More »

Giuliani Guarantees He Can Halt Illegal Immigration

Romney pokes, ex-mayor lashes out

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani says he can stop illegal immigration by monitoring international travelers, implementing tamperproof ID cards with fingerprints, and tracking the status of foreign workers and students. Under fire from Mitt Romney for his record on illegal immigration while mayor of New York, Giuliani has recently cranked up his rhetoric,... More »

Chinese Issue Big Brother ID Cards

Reproductive history, religion, landlord phone numbers will be listed

(Newser) - The Chinese government is beefing up already stringent surveillance measures, installing 20,000 police security cameras in one city and issuing computer chip identity cards to millions listing work and reproductive history, religion, police records and even landlord phone numbers. The cards will help track citizens for any number of... More »

9 Stories