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US Government Halts New Offshore Arctic Drilling

Government blames sinking oil prices and Shell's lack of success in the Arctic Ocean

(Newser) - In bad news for the Alaskan economy but good news for polar bears, the US government blocked new offshore drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean and refused to extend two existing leases for Arctic drilling on Friday, the New York Times reports. The Interior Department cancelled auctions for drilling rights... More »

In Huge Blow, Shell Gives Up on Offshore Arctic Drilling

Company blames regulation, disappointing results

(Newser) - Royal Dutch Shell says it will cease exploration in Arctic waters off Alaska's coast following disappointing results from an exploratory well backed by billions in investment and years of work. This is a huge blow to Shell, which was counting on offshore drilling in Alaska to help it drive... More »

Obama: Go Ahead, Shell, Drill Deeper for That Arctic Oil

Environmentalists lambast decision, saying it will 'worsen climate disruption'

(Newser) - President Obama has disappointed a slew of environmental activists by giving Shell the green light yesterday to drill deeper in the Arctic for oil, Quartz reports. The approval issued by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement expands the oil company's current permissions, allowing it to drill even further... More »

Shell Buying BG Group in $69.7B Takeover

Oil companies look to consolidate as oil prices slump

(Newser) - Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to buy British gas producer BG Group for $69.7 billion in cash and stock, the companies announced today. The move gives oil giant Shell a greater stake in natural gas markets in the wake of tumbling oil prices. A joint statement said the boards... More »

Record-Breaking 'Ship' So Big It's Not a Ship

Shell's Prelude takes to the water as world's largest floating vessel

(Newser) - Picture the Empire State Building. Now picture it floating on its side at sea and you've got a pretty good idea what the world's largest floating vessel looks like. Shell's Prelude—a liquefied natural gas facility—has entered the water in South Korea and at 1,601... More »

Europe Raids Big Oil Firms, Looking for Price Rigging

BP, Shell, and Statoil involved

(Newser) - European authorities raided the offices of BP, Shell, Statoil, and other companies involved in the oil business yesterday, as part of an investigation into what they suspect is a more than decade-old conspiracy to rig oil prices. The European Commission said it had launched "unannounced inspections" of oil company... More »

Feds Launch Urgent Review of Arctic Drilling

Alaska accident renews debate on Shell exploration

(Newser) - An accident involving a Shell drill ship in Alaskan waters has prompted an urgent Interior Department review of oil and gas activities in Arctic waters. The running aground of the Kulluk rig is just the latest in a series of accidents and blunders involving Shell equipment in the region and... More »

Shell Sues Greens Over Arctic Drilling

Preemptive lawsuit seeks to avoid challenges to cleanup plan

(Newser) - Lawyers for Shell filed suit against more than a dozen environmental groups yesterday over Arctic drilling. The suit, an unusual preemptive legal strike, seeks to head off future lawsuits by having a federal court declare that Shell's Arctic oil spill response plan for upcoming drilling complies with the law,... More »

Xena Actress Arrested After 3 Days on Oil Ship

Lucy Lawless, five other Greenpeace activists busted in New Zealand

(Newser) - Lucy Lawless was arrested today in New Zealand along with five other Greenpeace members, three days after they boarded an oil-drilling ship that had been contracted by Shell. Lawless, aka Xena: Warrior Princess, occupied the vessel to protest its plan to do exploratory drilling off Alaska. "This chapter has... More »

Xena Star Occupies Oil Ship

Greenpeace seeks to halt Arctic drilling

(Newser) - Xena Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless is back in battle, this time against oil drilling in the Arctic. Lawless and six other Greenpeace activists slipped past port security in New Zealand and boarded an Arctic-bound Shell drilling vessel. The activists, who have scaled a derrick on the ship, say they... More »

UK Consulted Big Oil Before Iraq Invasion

Memos reveal secret top-level talks with BP, Shell

(Newser) - Contrary to official denials, British oil firms were jockeying for a share of Iraq's oil wealth the year before Britain took a leading role in the 2003 invasion, newly released documents reveal. Government ministers held at least five top-level meetings with execs from BP and Shell in late 2002,... More »

Arctic Drilling to be Suspended

No exploratory drilling until at least 2011

(Newser) - Shell is going to have to wait, baby, wait to get its hands on new sources of Arctic oil. The Obama administration plans to suspend exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean until 2011 at the earliest because of the problems exposed by the Gulf oil spill, a source tells AP... More »

Bush Cabinet Member in Criminal Inquiry

Interior secretary gave Shell big contracts, then took job with firm

(Newser) - The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether Gale Norton illegally used her power as secretary of the Interior to obtain three oil contracts for Royal Dutch Shell—which only months later hired her as a legal counsel. The 2006 decision to award Shell leases on oil-rich federal... More »

Shell Settles Nigeria Case for $15.5M

Saro-Wiwa settlement is milestone for international law

(Newser) - Royal Dutch Shell agreed to settle a lawsuit over the 1995 deaths of Ken Saro-Wiwa and other Nigerians for $15.5 million, reports the Financial Times. Saro-Wiwa and eight other activists against petroleum exploitation were executed by the Nigerian military government, allegedly at the behest of the oil giant. In... More »

Shell Accused of Crimes Against Humanity

Family of Saro-Wiwa sues oil company in American court

(Newser) - Next week Royal Dutch Shell will finally appear in court to answer charges that it was complicit in the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the author and oil company critic executed by Nigeria's former military regime in 1995. Saro-Wiwa's family accuses the oil company of "a systemic campaign of human... More »

Iraq Dumps Western Oil Deals

Plans scrubbed as talks drag on too long

(Newser) - Iraq has scrubbed plans to award six coveted no-bid contracts to Western oil companies, the New York Times reports. Negotiations with the oil giants—including Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell, BP and others—dragged on for too long, said Iraq's foreign minister. The companies would have been unable to complete work... More »

Oil Giants to Return to Iraq

Companies booted by Saddam win contracts to service Iraqi oil fields

(Newser) - Four big oil companies chucked out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein 36 years ago are ready to return, the New York Times reports. BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell and Total are about to announced winning coveted no-bid contracts to service Iraqi oil fields. The contracts are short-term, but the firms hope... More »

Shell Strike Threatens UK Motorists

Government's urging not to panic-buy gas falls on deaf ears

(Newser) - Truck drivers for Shell have begun a four-day strike in Britain that threatens to hike already sky-high gas prices. Although the government has warned motorists not to panic-buy, gas stations were reporting a 30% spike in sales in the hours before the action; union leaders, meanwhile, have threatened that gasoline... More »

Guess What Oil Execs Make

Industry bigwigs are grilled by the Senate

(Newser) - Big Oil executives today were grilled by the Senate on soaring prices, and Sen. Patrick Leahy asked for their salaries, the AP reports. Here's what they said:
  • J. Stephen Simon, Exxon: $12.5 millon.
  • John Lowe, ConocoPhillips: Did not recall
  • Peter Robertson, Chevron: Did not recall.
  • John Hofmeister, Shell, $2.
... More »

Clock's Ticking on World Oil Supply: Shell CEO

Energy demand will top supply by 2015

(Newser) - World oil demand will outpace supply in 7 years, Shell's CEO warned in an email sent to employees in advance of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Jeroen van der Veer sees nuclear power, oil sands, and other unconventional energy sources replacing oil and gas out of necessity, whether... More »

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