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Traffic Light Has Been Red for Nearly 30 Years

Also that color: the red tape requiring it remain that way in Germany

(Newser) - A traffic light in Dresden, Germany, has been red for nearly 30 years now, and city officials say that won't change anytime soon. The light sits at the corner of Ziegelstraße street, and drivers have only one choice when they come to it—to turn "right on... More »

German Right-Wing Leader Quits Over Hitler Pic

It was only 'satire,' Bachmann spokeswoman says

(Newser) - As the charismatic leader of a right-wing, anti-foreigner movement in Germany, Lutz Bachmann should probably have tried a little harder to distance himself from a certain figure in his country's past. Instead, the chief of PEGIDA—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West—actually posed as Adolf Hitler,... More »

German Anti-Islam Rallies Get Record Turnout

Counter-protesters also come out in huge numbers

(Newser) - Anti-"Islamization" and anti-immigration protesters in Germany turned out in record numbers last night despite a New Year's plea from Chancellor Angela Merkel to shun rallies organized by those with "prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts." Some 18,000 people attended a rally in Dresden, the... More »

Merkel Backs Obama on Mideast

(Newser) - Angela Merkel got behind Barack Obama’s Middle East peace push today, calling his Cairo speech the “ideal basis” for renewed efforts. Obama called for “difficult compromises,” adding, “The United States cannot force peace upon the parties.” The two leaders met and spoke at a... More »

From Detroit to Dresden to Siberia

American memoirist imprisoned in Soviet gulag dead at 84

(Newser) - John Noble, an American who wrote two memoirs about the decade he spent as a Soviet prisoner, including 3 years in the gulag, died last week at 84, the Telegraph reports. Taken into Soviet custody in 1945, Noble and his father were incarcerated in Dresden, Germany, where they had run... More »

Museum Looks Picture-Perfect Online

Dresden gallery gets virtual replica in Second Life

(Newser) - Dresden’s Old Masters Picture gallery is the first museum to create an online clone, now appearing in all its glory—down to the trash cans and fountains—as a location in the virtual reality game Second Life. The building’s 750 paintings have been reproduced digitally, as have the... More »

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