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Meryl Streep Gets Called Out by the Right

Kellyanne Conway, Ann Coulter, others bash Meryl Streep

(Newser) - Donald Trump was quick to jump on Meryl Streep after the actress spoke out against him during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, and now other reactions are trickling in. On Monday's Fox & Friends, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway accused Streep of "inciting people’s worst instincts" with her... More »

Tucker Carlson: Palin's Winning in 'Milfistan'

Michelle Malkin calls it misogynistic

(Newser) - Tucker Carlson is in deep doodoo with conservative women after an ill-advised tweet referencing Sarah Palin that he posted, then removed, Monday night. "Palin's popularity falling in Iowa, but maintains lead to become supreme commander of Milfistan," he tweeted—and we probably don't need to tell you where... More »

GOP's 10 Favorite Pundits

Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck lead survey

(Newser) - The website ConservativeHome polled about 1,500 folks defined as Republican activists to find their favorite pundits. Here's the top 10:
  1. Rush Limbaugh, 41%
  2. Glenn Beck, 33%
  3. Charles Krauthammer, 29%
  4. Bill O'Reilly, 24%
  5. Sean Hannity, 21%
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Enough With the Bush Nostalgia

He did a lot of things wrong, and some Republicans 'haven't forgotten'

(Newser) - With President Obama’s approval ratings in the toilet and George W. Bush’s highly-publicized Decision Points out today, it’s easy to get caught up in a bit of “Bush nostalgia.” And yes, W’s “candor, decency, self-effacement, and clear love of country stand in stark... More »

Hate-Crime Wave Is Just Lefty Fakery

Past incidents overblown at best, duplicitous at worst

(Newser) - Reports of political hate crimes against Democrats since the passage of the health care reform bill are overblown at best, and downright lies at worst, Michelle Malkin writes, charging that Nancy Pelosi & Co. “can’t stand the heat” and so manufactured “a Tea Party epidemic of racism,... More »

Today's GOP Would Have Impeached Gore After 9/11

Detroit response shows partisanship trumps patriotism

(Newser) - The aftermath of the Detroit terror attempt has exposed some ugly truths about American politics, writes Chris Bowers. He lists several in Open Left.
  • The GOP would have impeached Al Gore over 9/11. The "aggressive, partisan response" this failed terror attempt met shows they certainly wouldn't have been saying
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This Year's Top Liberal Turkeys

Stimulus, President O-bow-ma get top billing

(Newser) - As we await tomorrow’s feast, conservative pundit Michelle Malkin gives us something to gnaw on, running down the year’s top turkeys:
  • The stimulus: The “Generational Theft Act” isn’t even a turkey, but a “Turbaconducken—the heart attack-inducing dish of roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck
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Blindingly White MSNBC Guilty of Hypocrisy

'Monochromatic' commentators shouldn't slam Palin crowds

(Newser) - MSNBC commentators sneering at the lack of minorities lining up to buy Sarah Palin's book should start their quest for diversity a little closer to home, writes Michelle Malkin . Take a look at Chris Matthews and Norah O'Donnell, who complained about the "monochromatic" Palin crowds, and the MSNBC lineup... More »

Game Plays Out 2011 Obama Coup

Ron Paul fans behind scenario, which also finds Glenn Beck dead

(Newser) - For the burgeoning ranks of political paranoids, a scenario in which President Obama dissolves the Constitution, bans guns and drags the US into a union with Mexico and Canada seems not all that far-fetched. Now, thanks to some Ron Paul supporters, you can prepare for 2011 (yep, that soon!)... More »

Meet the Future of Conservatism

Novice Doug Hoffman is shaking up the right

(Newser) - He's a "nerdy-looking" political novice, but Doug Hoffman just may be the "conservative superstar of the future," writes Marc Ambinder. Hoffman is running as a Conservative in the closely watched special election in New York’s 23rd congressional district. Despite his lack of experience, the lifelong accountant... More »

White House-Fox Spat Now Involves ... Mao

In old video, communications director Anita Dunn calls Chinese leader a favorite

(Newser) - That was quick. The White House sent communications director Anita Dunn after Fox over the weekend, and now an old video has surfaced—much to the delight of Glenn Beck and others—in which she calls Mao one of her "favorite political philosophers." In a speech to high... More »

Palin Memoir a Gift to Booksellers

Going Rogue likely to continue trend of hits from right-wing figures

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s memoir is expected sell so well that it will singlehandedly boost the fortunes of the ailing book business. The book is already topping preorder lists, and publisher Harper plans an extensive slate of promotional appearances to make full use the former Alaska governor's drawing power. "They... More »

Right's New Quarry: Gay Ed. Appointee

Fox et al. say Kevin Jennings didn't act on 1980s statutory rape

(Newser) - One of President Obama’s appointees to the Department of Education has become the latest target for conservatives emboldened by the departures of green-jobs adviser Van Jones and others. Assistant deputy secretary Kevin Jennings is accused of neglecting to report a statutory rape case when he was a teacher in... More »

Rightwing Pundits Belong on the Fiction Lists

Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin have crafted paranoid masterpieces

(Newser) - Salon writer Steve Almond has seen the future of literary fiction and it looks like Glenn Beck. Right-wing pundits like Beck and Michelle Malkin have dominated non-fiction bestseller lists since President Obama took office, Almond notes. A close read finds that their works aren't the "psychotic, fact-challenged rants of... More »

Malkin: Left Tries to Stamp Out Civil Dissent

Foes of health care reform aren't out of control—liberals are

(Newser) - The same “Democrat Masters of Astroturf” who delight in liberal activism are crying foul about the perfectly valid rabble-rousing of Tea Party activists, writes Michelle Malkin on her blog. Conservative activists have been told to pack Democratic events and heckle them, something one liberal blogger describes as “civic... More »

Huffington Post Helps Left Dominate Right Online

(Newser) - In the battle for the blogosphere, left-leaning sites are clobbering their conservative counterparts, thanks mostly to the Huffington Post, David Kaplan writes for paidContent. Liberal sites attracted 6.4 million unique visitors in April, to 4.8 million for conservative sites. Of those, 5.6 million were Huffington Post hits,... More »

Commerce Pick Has Fundraising Skeletons

Locke is no slam dunk: Malkin

(Newser) - President Obama's administration surely hopes Gary Locke will prove a relatively uncontroversial pick for Commerce after the messy Bill Richardson and Judd Gregg nominations. Not likely, writes Michelle Malkin, who covered Locke for the Seattle Times when he was Washington's governor. Locke, she reminds, faced a series of probes from... More »

Fox Looks Clueless with 'Obama's Baby Mama' Quip

Network sparks outrage with poorly judged use of slang

(Newser) - Fox is catching flak for calling Michelle Obama "Obama's baby mama" and it deserves all it gets, Noelle Hancock writes on New York's news blog. The network, which has conceded that a producer "exercised poor judgment" by posting the graphic, has made itself look "sexist, racist, and... More »

YouTubers Call Takedown Notices Abusive

Corporations misusing copyright laws with demands, citizens say

(Newser) - YouTube has long been on the forefront of citizen filmmaking, but now it’s hitting the vanguard of citizen litigation. Many are crying foul at the frequency of takedown notices—warnings of infringement by copyright holders. Said one user who sued Universal after video of her baby performing over a... More »

Rove Exit Inspires Pundit Ire

Leftie says he's quitting too soon, rightie says too late

(Newser) - Not all Karl Rove haters celebrated his announced departure today. The Nation’s David Corn, while pleased that taxpayers will no longer be paying the Bush political strategist's salary after August, feels that Rove deserves the punishment of being forced to stay “to the bitter end” of the unpopular... More »

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