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Dow Rebounds, Gains 51

Modest September rally continues after Monday slump

(Newser) - Stocks today saw more of the small but steady gains that have marked an unusually strong September, the Wall Street Journal reports. After yesterday's pullback, financials, and particularly insurers, saw gains: MBIA rose 22.3%, and rival AMBAC Financial gained 15.2%. Oil pushed up $1.84 to $71.55... More »

Stocks Rally on GDP Revision

MBIA's jump leads insurers higher, and lower energy prices power big gains

(Newser) - Stocks rallied today as MBIA led gains for bond insurers and the news of an upward revision to the second-quarter US gross domestic product brightened investor sentiment, MarketWatch reports. The Dow rose 212.67 to close at 11,715.18. The Nasdaq gained 29.18, closing at 2,411.64,... More »

Dow Gains 303 Points; Oil Drops

Fannie's losses don't phase market

(Newser) - A big rally topped a rollercoaster week today as the markets surged on a drop in oil of nearly $5 a barrel, MarketWatch reports. The Dow gained 302.89 points to close at 11,734.32, the Nasdaq rose 58.37 to 2,414.10, and the S&P 500... More »

Dow Plummets to Below 12,000

An oil boost and continued financial woes batter the markets

(Newser) - The markets tumbled today to lows not seen since the Bear Stearns fiasco in March, MarketWatch reports. Oil surged back over $135 a barrel, erasing yesterday’s meager gains, and bad news continued to depress financials. The Dow fell 220.40 to 11,842.69, the Nasdaq 55.87 to... More »

Stocks Again Stuck in Neutral

Conflicting news on financials hinders the market

(Newser) - The markets finished mixed today as fears over the financial sector clashed with positive economic reports. Moody’s said it may downgrade ratings for Ambac Financial and MBIA because of continued mortgage-related losses, MarketWatch reports, helping the Dow down 12.37 to 12,390.48. The Nasdaq gained 22.66,... More »

Stocks Jump as Oil Prices Pull Back

China quake contributes to softening demand

(Newser) - Stocks jumped today on an unusual pullback of crude prices, overcoming weak quarterly reports from bond insurer MBIA and other financials. The price drop cheered investors worried about oil's effect on consumer spending, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow ended up 130.43 to 12,876.31, the Nasdaq... More »

Berkshire Hathaway's Q4 Income Off 18%

Insurance-industry woes mean 'that party is over,' Buffett says

(Newser) - Citing a decline in gains from insurance underwriting and sluggish investment returns, holding company Berkshire Hathaway said today that fourth-quarter income was off 18%—to $2.95 billion, from $3.58 billion—from a year earlier, the Wall Street Journal reports. Billionaire chairman Warren Buffett snuck in digs at Wall... More »

Buffett Offers to Save Municipal Lenders

Stocks rally, but companies may rebuff opportunistic Hathaway

(Newser) - Warren Buffett rode to the rescue today, though the color of his horse is in question. The Sage of Omaha offered to reinsure $800 billion worth of municipal bonds, resolving “in one stroke of a pen” the jitters plaguing the municipal debt market. But his plan is also a... More »

Bonds Confidence Boosts Stocks

Insurer MBIA says its rating will be just fine

(Newser) - Markets were up sharply today on calming words from bond insurer MBIA, with the Dow closing at 12,650.36, up 207.53. The company said its triple-A rating was not vulnerable and that it was solvent enough to weather the mortgage crisis, MarketWatch reports. The Nasdaq gained 40.86... More »

Buffett Moves Into Insuring Muni Bonds

Company will aid local governments, profit from credit crunch

(Newser) - Billionaire Warren Buffett is riding to the rescue of the municipal bond market—and taking advantage of an opportunity afforded by the credit crunch—by launching a municipal bond insurer, reports the Wall Street Journal. Berkshire Hathaway Assurance, which opens today in New York state, should make it cheaper for... More »

Markets Dip on Bond News

Fed auction is deemed positive though

(Newser) - The market ended slightly lower after another rollercoaster day, as S&P’s downgrade of major bond insurers took a toll on stocks otherwise buoyed by reports of a positive auction by the Fed. The Dow was off 25.20 to 13,207.27 on news Ambac Financial and MBIA... More »

Market Sinks After Tech Rally Shuts Down

Tech boom erased by mortgage, energy concerns at bell

(Newser) - The tech sector boomed early today, but couldn’t save the market from bank and energy woes at day’s end. Declines in MBIA, Exxon and Home Depot shares helped to erase early gains on the Nasdaq and S&P, and the bankruptcy of Aegis Mortgage Corp. renewed financing worries,... More »

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