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You Can Help Decide Who Gets $827K From Reddit

Site will donate 10% of its ad revenue from 2014

(Newser) - Reddit is feeling generous: After raking in nearly $8.3 million in advertising revenue in 2014, the site has decided to "support the goals and causes of the entire community" by donating 10% of that amount to 10 charities. The company made the announcement in a blog post , noting... More »

Twitter Stock Tanks After First Earnings Report

Slowing user growth takes a toll

(Newser) - Twitter beat Wall Street's earnings and revenue expectations in its first quarter as a public company. But investors were looking for even more—including more user growth—and the company's stock dipped as much as 12% in after-hours trading today. Twitter ended the quarter with 241 million monthly... More »

Facebook Beats Estimates in First Earnings

Though company lost $157M overall

(Newser) - Facebook reported its first quarterly earnings since going public today, and though the company lost $157 million, or 8 cents per share, it performed better than analysts were expecting, Bloomberg reports. Facebook's total revenues rose to $1.18 billion on strong advertising sales, meaning that if not for "... More »

Facebook Ready to Cash in On Your Data

Facebook ads mining user data like never before

(Newser) - After seven years of concentrating on the cool, Facebook is finally ready to cash in. The social networking giant is starting to mine its immense database to match users to advertisers like never before, reports the LA Times . Facebook's ad revenue reportedly doubled last year to $2 billion, and... More »

Reader's Digest to File Chapter 11

(Newser) - The latest media company to groan under debt in the current recession, Reader's Digest Association, yesterday announced plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The publisher insists that "business as usual" will continue for its publications and employees, with no mass layoffs in store as the company slashes its... More »

Newspaper Ad Forecast: 'Long Way From Extinction'

Print publications will serve 'distilled' upper-crust audience, analysts predict

(Newser) - For the newspaper industry, finally a bit of good news: Ad revenue is projected to end its long slide and actually increase 2.4% in 2010, says a forecast from Borrell Associates. Modest year-by-year increases are expected to continue through at least 2014, reports Advertising Age. Borrell’s analysis does... More »

Microsoft, Yahoo Finally Strike Search Deal

(Newser) - Microsoft and Yahoo finally officially tied the knot today, with a 10-year deal to integrate their search and advertising businesses, MSNBC reports. It appears Microsoft won't pay Yahoo up front, which is probably a blow to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who promised she'd only join Microsoft for a "boatload... More »

Bada-Bing: Yahoo, Microsoft Close to Search Engine Deal

(Newser) - Yahoo is close to a deal that would make Microsoft's Bing its new search engine, reports Advertising Age. To Yahoo's dismay, the deal will likely involve revenue sharing, not a fat up-front paycheck. Negotiations, which have been heated over the amount of revenue each side gets from search ad clicks,... More »

Ballmer: Old Media Won't Last a Decade

Microsoft boss says papers, TV won't bounce back

(Newser) - The ad revenue media companies lost in the downturn won't be coming back when things turn around, Steve Ballmer told an advertising conference yesterday. The Microsoft boss said the industry has been "reset" at a lower level, and media companies are going to have to learn to survive on... More »

Google, Times Brainstorm New Advertising Models

(Newser) - Google won’t buy the New York Times, but the companies are discussing novel ways the search giant can help the newspaper stay afloat, the Business Insider reports. Sources say one idea is for Google to split advertising revenue it takes from sites hosting Times content with the paper. Another,... More »

Times Co. Won't Go Private, Sulzberger Says

'We unequivocally believe in our future' despite revenue falloff

(Newser) - The New York Times Company does not intend to take itself or its flagship newspaper private, the Wall Street Journal reports. Chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. also told a shareholder meeting today that Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who recently bought a large stake in the company, had no interest in... More »

Dismal Ad Revenue Sends Times to $75M Loss

(Newser) - Advertising revenue for the New York Times Company’s news divisions sank 28% in the first quarter of this year, the Wall Street Journal reports. That, and a total revenue falloff of 19%, resulted in a $74.5 million loss for the publisher, compared to a break-even first quarter last... More »

Selfish Google Stands to Kill Golden News Goose

It will actually help your company in the long run

(Newser) - By refusing to share revenue with news providers, Google is essentially dooming itself, writes blogger Steve Outing, who has a message for CEO Eric Schmidt: “What’s the deal, Mr. Schmidt? Have you deleted Sergey Brin and Larry Page’s ‘Don’t Be Evil’ mantra from the corporate... More »

Media World Braced for Loss Of GM, Chrysler Ad Buys

A collapse in Detroit could cost media players billions

(Newser) - As the situation in Detroit becomes increasingly perilous, media companies are anxiously waiting to see what happens to the vast marketing dollars—$3 billion in the US last year—General Motors and Chrysler previously poured into advertising. But while vastly decreased spending seems like a foregone conclusion, most media companies... More »

Mother Jones Provides Model for Nonprofit News

Floundering for-profits take note of magazine's success

(Newser) - Mother Jones has thrived for 33 years as a nonprofit publication, and its business model is becoming of increasing interest to struggling newspapers, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Though the magazine was founded as a nonprofit because of Nixon-era fears of undue influence in journalism, Mother Jones hit its financial... More »

Food Network Cooks Up Winning Web Strategy

Revenue growth from Web offerings burns the competition

(Newser) - Food Network has found the recipe for double-digit revenue increases during one of the harshest first quarters for media companies in recent memory, Advertising Age reports. Turns out it’s guacamole. saw a 44% spike in ad revenue in January, in large part due to viewers seeking recipes... More »

iPhone Users Love Apps—Then Forget Them

(Newser) - Apple has a lot of nifty apps for its iPhone, but apparently the novelty wears off in a hurry. A new analysis shows that many people download them, then promptly forget about them, Apple Insider reports. Just 20% of people use free apps the day after download; at the end... More »

NPR Lays Off 7% of Staff, Cuts 2 Shows

Corporate underwriting took big hit in recession

(Newser) - NPR will take two shows off the air and lay off 64 employees—7% of its workforce—to close an unexpected $23 million budget shortfall. Shows getting the ax are "Day to Day" and "News and Notes," both of which sought to diversify NPR's audience. The layoffs... More »

Even in Tight Election, Media Struggle to Retain Audience

Choosier consumers, Internet video hurt

(Newser) - Even as the 2008 election attracts more voter interest than it has in decades, media efforts to translate that into financial success have had mixed results, reports the New York Times. While cable news has enjoyed an uptick—and websites are setting record for online video—viewership for mainstream news... More »

Google Yet to Find Pitch for YouTube Ads

Big corporate dollars missing; internal inefficiency abounds

(Newser) - Google is still struggling to make advertising revenues from YouTube resemble the site's popularity, the Wall Street Journal reports, with big industry heavyweights still leery about placing their ads alongside amateur video. With a well-below-expectation $200 million in ad revenue forecast this year, it's obvious "most advertisers are still... More »

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