Alexander Pichushkin

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Jury Convicts Chessboard Killer

Russia's Alexander Pichushkin claims to have killed 61

(Newser) - A Russian jury today convicted the so-called Chessboard Killer, who terrorized a Moscow park for 14 years, on 48 counts of murder. Alexander Pichushkin claims to have killed 61, placing a coin on a chessboard square for each victim. But although many would like to see the country's most infamous... More »

Chessboard Killer: Debut Murder Was Like First Love

Russian charged in 49 deaths bares soul

(Newser) - A Russian supermarket clerk on trial for 49 murders has told a Moscow court that his first killing—of a friend in 1992—was unforgettable, like "first love." Alexander Pichushkin, who gained notoriety in 2005 for serial killings in a Moscow park, also compared the need to murder... More »

'Chessboard Killer' Goes on Trial

Confessed murderer of dozens lured victims to Moscow park

(Newser) - A confessed serial killer goes on trial today in Moscow, charged in the murders of at least 49 people. Alexander Pichushkin wanted to kill one person for each of the 64 squares on a chessboard, and after being arrested last year, he said in a TV interview that "a... More »

Chess-Playing Killer Goes on Trial in Russia

Says he tallied victims on a board, but cops are at a stalemate

(Newser) - Russia is in the grip of the king of all murder trials, the Guardian reports: A chess player has been accused of luring dozens of opponents away from the board and to their brutal deaths in a Moscow park. Alexander Pichushkin has allegedly boasted of 63 murders, one shy of... More »

4 Stories