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The Most Stressed Women Live In...

India, where 87% say feel under pressure most of the time

(Newser) - Think you've got the most stressful life in the world, ladies? Unless you live in India, that's probably not true, according to a recent study. A staggering 87% of women surveyed in India said they felt stressed most of the time, and 82% claimed to have no time... More »

Raising Debt Limit Again Invites US Ruin

Marco Rubio: We need a reform plan now, or the next generation is in trouble

(Newser) - Marco Rubio vows to vote against raising the debt limit in a few weeks—unless it's the last time and accompanied by comprehensive reform—and he casts the decision not as a wonky economic debate but as a "defining moment in American history." In his op-ed in the... More »

Obama to Push Spending on Energy, Roads, Schools

Republicans will no doubt be thrilled

(Newser) - This will give GOP deficit hawk Paul Ryan plenty to talk about in his official response to President Obama's State of the Union address: The president will call for new spending in areas he says are critical to job growth and competitiveness, namely renewable energy, rebuilding roads, and revamping education,... More »

Who's Spending the Most Today?

People in Austin, Texas, most likely

(Newser) - It's Black Friday, so Americans are out spending money in droves—but who's spending the most? In the Daily Beast , Anneli Rufus gets us a little closer to an answer, by way of 15 spending stats:
  • If you're an online shopper ... you spend 24.6% more than a brick-and-mortar shopper.
... More »

Once Again, We're Spending More, Saving Less

Spending rose twice as much as income in March

(Newser) - Well, that didn’t take long: Americans are back to spending more and saving less. While personal income rose 0.3% in March, spending rose at twice that rate, Business Insider reports. Personal savings, on the other hand, slipped that same 0.3% from 3% of income in February to... More »

Manager: I Warned Nic Not to Buy That Castle...

Broke Nicolas Cage countersued by business manager

(Newser) - The business manager Nicolas Cage is suing for fraud is suing the actor right back, claiming he warned Cage he would have to make $30 million a year to support his extravagant lifestyle. Samuel J. Levin’s suit also claims he cautioned the actor—who recently lost two New Orleans... More »

Women Drive Recovery, But Dissed By Retail

Biz approach to females: take 'a male product and paint it pink'

(Newser) - Women who shop til they drop are stimulating the economy more than any Ben Bernanke, but the planet's greatest spending bloc feels dissed by retailers and service providers. Women control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending in the world—a figure likely to climb to $28 trillion by 2014. Despite... More »

How Annie Leibovitz Got Underwater

(Newser) - Photographer to the stars Annie Leibovitz is in a widely reported financial pickle, but it really comes as no surprise to those close to her, New York reports. Leibovitz is now engaged in baroque legal wrangling over her catalog, but her troubles started earlier. Insiders say a suspected “contract... More »

France Bloomin' Mad Over Brukozy's Daily $1K Fleur Tab

(Newser) - French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy just loves her fleurs and she's often photographed arranging blooms in the Elysée Palace. Problem is, the flowers are costing French taxpayers $1,100 a day, and they want the spending nipped in the bud. The blooming bills were revealed in the first state... More »

Is Obama Turning Into Carter?

(Newser) - Facing a burdensome political agenda, decreased popularity, and widespread opposition to his key policies, President Barack Obama appears poised to become the next Jimmy Carter, Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie write in the Washington Post. Both are "smart, moralistic" presidents who inherited brutal economies, but both responded with top-heavy... More »

Ron Paul Gains a Little Mainstream Cred

(Newser) - Ron Paul is disappointed in everybody, Politico reports. President Obama “became the peace candidate: ‘Yeah, we’re going to end that war in Iraq,’” the Texas congressman and erstwhile presidential candidate says. “But it’s not sincere.” And though Republican opposition to Obama’s... More »

Congress Hands Taxpayers Hefty Travel Tab

Jaunts to Paris, Kabul cost $13M last year, 10 times 1995 figure

(Newser) - Spending by Congress on taxpayer-funded trips overseas is nearly ten times what it was in 1995 and triple the amount spent in 2001, the Wall Street Journal finds in an analysis of some 60,000 travel records. Last year, hundreds of members of Congress went abroad at a cost of... More »

Bloomberg Drops $18.7M on Campaign

(Newser) - New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has already spent $18.7 million in his bid for a third term, outpacing his own 2005 campaign by 55%, the New York Daily News reports. The billionaire's three main competitors have spent a combined total of about $2.5 million, with controller William Thompson... More »

Recession-Wary Teens Cut Back on Spending

Teens spend less on food, apparel while video games and DVDs still popular

(Newser) - The downturn is causing teens, who usually spend through recessions while parents absorb the pinch, to cut back, Advertising Age reports. Teenagers are spending about 14% less this spring than last, a “dramatic impact” from a demographic that spends an average of $125 billion each year. Unemployment is also... More »

Stressed Americans Still Spending Less: Poll

(Newser) - Americans are stressed about the economy and keeping their wallets shut, says a new ABC/Washington Post poll. While the number of Americans who say the economy is getting better is on the rise, that's not translating into shopping habits. Six in 10 say they feel stressed—half of those describe... More »

Obama to Reach Out to Small Business

Prez to unveil a $730M effort after GOP backlash on spending

(Newser) - Amid misgivings over his spending blueprint, President Barack Obama will provide billions of dollars in federal lending aid aimed at struggling small business owners, the AP reports. The package, to be announced tomorrow, includes $730 million from the stimulus plan that will immediately reduce small-business lending fees and increase the... More »

Crisis Paradox: How to Spend When You Need to Save

How to stimulate the economy without draining your account

(Newser) - While leaders encourage Americans to stimulate the economy by spending, those who have lost jobs or investments are a lot more inclined to hoard their remaining assets. But there's a way to avoid this "paradox of thrift," in which the frugal behavior that's best for an individual... More »

Newfound Thrift Battering Economy

Sharp rise in savings rate expected to lengthen recession

(Newser) - Americans worried about the recession are stashing away cash at the highest rate in decades—but economists fear that the thrift will prolong hard times, reports the Wall Street Journal. The national savings rate has rebounded from less than zero to levels expected to hit 5% or higher this year... More »

Paul's Money Can't Buy Heather Love

But with $16M spree in 7 months, she must have everything else

(Newser) - Snapping up everything from swanky real estate to savory soy dogs, Heather Mills has blown more than a third of her $40 million divorce settlement with Paul McCartney since March, The Sun reports. She spent some $13.7 million on property and donated $1 million in vegetarian food to homeless... More »

Royals Party Like It's 1899

Prince Charles will have two lavish 60th birthday bashes

(Newser) - Seemingly impervious—or oblivious—to the international economic meltdown, the royal family will throw not one but two lavish celebrations for Prince Charles’ 60th birthday in November, the Daily Mail reports. The Queen will host a state banquet at Buckingham Palace for 170 guests, and Charles' wife, Camilla, will host... More »

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