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With Nowhere to Land, Geese Descend, Die On Toxic Water

Their usual landing site, several others were mostly frozen

(Newser) - A "perfect storm" of a late migration and a snowstorm left thousands of snow geese dead in the toxic waters of an old mine pit in Montana last week, authorities say. A spokesman for the Montana Resources mine company says witnesses described the scene as "700 acres of... More »

How a Florida Tree Can Make You Go Blind

Best not to touch a machineel

(Newser) - Visiting Florida? South America? Keep an eye out for machineel trees, because as Sploid points out, while they look perfectly harmless, they can be deadly. It's a pretty impressive (and lethal) resume: Standing under one in the rain can cause blistering when the drops hit you, its sap can... More »

3 Extra Sodas Per Day Can Kill You

Study shows that a "safe" diet is not so safe

(Newser) - A steady diet of sodas could hinder your ability to reproduce or even shorten your life, if lab mice are any indication. Researchers at the University of Utah gave mice a diet of 25% sugar—equivalent to three extra sodas per day in people—and found the males less likely... More »

Japanese MP Takes Dare to Drink Fukushima Water

Gulp designed to prove it's safe

(Newser) - Under pressure from journalists to prove that decontaminated water from the Fukushima area is safe, Japanese lawmaker Yasuhiro Sonoda downed a glass of water taken from puddles underneath the reactors themselves during a news conference today, his hands visibly shaking as he did so, the BBC reports. But he did... More »

McDonald's Recalls Toxic Shrek Glasses

Paint used in glasses contains cadmium

(Newser) - McDonald's has put out a recall on some 12 million Shrek: Forever After drinking glasses, after a gentle prodding from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. An anonymous tip to Rep. Jackie Speiers last week revealed that the paint on the glasses contains the toxic metal cadmium, a carcinogen that can... More »

Wal-Mart Yanks Toxin-Tainted Miley Cyrus Jewelry

AP investigation finds high levels of cadmium

(Newser) - Wal-Mart is yanking a line of Miley Cyrus bracelets and necklaces after an Associated Press investigation turned up dangerous levels of toxic cadmium in the jewelry. Long-term exposure to cadmium, a known carcinogen, can lead to bone softening and kidney failure, and hinder brain development in the young. It's only... More »

Test Finds Mercury in Every Fish

A quarter contaminated beyond EPA safety limit

(Newser) - Catch a fish in one of America's streams, and there's a good chance it will have at least trace amounts of mercury. The most comprehensive survey to date from the US Geological Survey tested more than 1,000 fish from nearly 300 streams around the nation—and found mercury in... More »

Aussies Croak Toxic Toads

(Newser) - Aussies killed thousands of "toxic" cane toads today in an annual hunting festival to help reduce their ravenous numbers, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The toads were introduced in 1935 from South American to eat pest beetles, but they now number in the millions and are driving out local... More »

Mattel Recalls 18M More Toys Made in China

9M sold in US; toys contain hazardous magnets, lead-tainted paint

(Newser) - Mattel today announced a second, much bigger recall of Chinese-made toys that may be hazardous: 18 million of them worldwide, and 9 million in the US. The recalled items  include play sets containing magnets that can be dangerous when swallowed and die-cast cars that contain lead paint. The play sets... More »

Feds Hid Toxic Trailer Danger

Refused to conduct tests even after a death

(Newser) - Some 120,000 Hurricane Katrina victims lived in emergency trailers for months, even though FEMA knew they were toxic, with formaldehyde levels 75 times the safety threshold, the Washington Post reports. Officials suppressed the the information and failed to order tests, emails show, because they didn't want to do anything... More »

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