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Your Essence Is Rooted in Your Character, Not Intellect

Who we are may have more to do with what we stand for than what we know

(Newser) - In an attempt to begin to tackle the age-old question of what shapes one's identity, researchers at Duke and the University of Arizona surveyed the caregivers of those with different neurodegenerative diseases to see which ones seemed most likely to strip away the essence of a person. Reporting in... More »

Cameron Condemns UK's 'Moral Collapse'

Riots a 'wake-up call' for 'broken society': PM

(Newser) - In the aftermath of rioting across Britain, David Cameron blasted the nation’s “slow-motion moral collapse”—a matter he plans to “take on and defeat.” Facing a “demoralized” state, “I will not be found wanting,” the prime minister said today at a youth... More »

Rule Protecting Anti-Abortion Staffers Sparks Furor

Obama, agencies protest Bush plan that gives more leeway to moral objections

(Newser) - A host of hospitals, pharmacists, state officials and lawmakers—including President-elect Barack Obama—have slammed a last-minute Bush administration rule to protect health care providers from having to perform procedures they find morally objectionable, the New York Times reports. The plan would block federally funded hospitals, drugstores, and other organizations... More »

Live Longer: Be Conscientious

Researchers find industrious types live lengthier and less stressful lives

(Newser) - The key to a longer life could lie in an individual's personality, the Los Angeles Times reports. University of California researchers analyzed 20 studies and discovered that conscientious people—disciplined, hardworking, and responsible folks—tend to live an average of 2 to 4 years longer than their more slapdash counterparts.... More »

Embryonic Stem-Cell Issue Still Dogs GOP

Pols can't nix research and back in-vitro clinics: Time writer

(Newser) - Last week's breakthrough in stem-cell research—the creation of cells from skin rather than embryos—is a tremendous scientific advance, writes Michael Kinsley in Time magazine. But the new science doesn't let hypocritical GOP politicians dodge the controversy over embryonic stem cells: They will still be risking human lives with... More »

GAO Warns of Decline & Fall .... of America

US problems are the same that destroyed Roman Empire, chief declares

(Newser) - America's dire state resembles that of the Rome just before its fall, the head of the General Accountability Office has warned in a grim new report. "Declining moral values and political civility at home, an over-confident and over-extended military, and fiscal irresponsibility," could lead to disaster here at... More »

6 Stories