Thabo Mbeki

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Mbeki Tries to Break Election Standoff in Ivory Coast

Borders are set to reopen today

(Newser) - Thabo Mbeki arrived in the Ivory Coast yesterday, in an attempt to break the political stalemate following the country’s disputed presidential election . The ex-South African president and African Union mediator met with both candidates, and told reporters that the conversation had been positive, according to the Wall Street Journal... More »

$5M African Leadership Prize Goes to ... Nobody

Committee passes over all three candidates, doesn't award $5M to any

(Newser) - Nobody has won this year's $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, the committee responsible for picking a winner announced today. That’s an enormous snub to the people eligible for the award, who include former heads of state Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria,... More »

ANC Defectors Launch New South African Party

Congress of the People aims to be 'non-racial' in still-divided nation

(Newser) - A former defense minister is the first head of a new South African political party made up mainly of defectors from the African National Congress, the party of Nelson Mandela, the BBC reports. Called Congress of the People, or COPE, the movement spearheaded by Mosiuoa Lekota formed around dissatisfaction with... More »

Mbeki AIDS Denial Killed 365K in South Africa

Study blames Mbeki for keeping antiretrovirals from citizens

(Newser) - South Africa's failure to provide antiretroviral drugs to AIDS patients has cost 365,000 lives,  a new Harvard study finds. The report places the blame for the deaths with ousted president Thabo Mbeki, whose denial of AIDS' viral cause led Africa's richest country to ignore its sick citizens while... More »

Zimbabwe Bars Carter, Annan, Mandela's Wife

Ex-prez, Annan aimed to work on humanitarian crisis

(Newser) - Zimbabwe has denied Jimmy Carter, former UN chief Kofi Annan, and the wife of Nelson Mandela entry to the country to review its humanitarian crisis, Reuters reports. Even the support of former South African president Thabo Mbeki, who's been trying to mediate an end to the ongoing political stalemate, wasn’... More »

S. Africa's Ruling Party Splits

Historic convention heralds birth of new party

(Newser) - The African National Congress has run South Africa essentially unchallenged since the fall of apartheid, but that may have changed forever this weekend as 6,400 delegates gathered to celebrate the birth of a new opposition party. A chunk of lawmakers loyal to Thabo Mbeki is breaking way from the... More »

Mugabe Snubs Opposition, Keeps Key Ministries

Unity government already in trouble

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's new unity government already is in jeopardy, and it hasn't started governing yet. Robert Mugabe handed out government ministries yesterday and kept the meaningful ones, including the army and police, for his own party, the BBC reports. The opposition MDC "totally and absolutely rejects this nonsense," said... More »

Schism Brewing in South Africa's Ruling Party

Angry Mbeki loyalists planning to break from ANC

(Newser) - Thabo Mbeki’s top officials are planning to break away from the party that deposed him, the Guardian reports. Mosiuoa Lekota, who spent nearly a decade as Mbeki’s defense minister, today announced a conference that he sees as a step on the path to “divorce” from the African... More »

Interim Prez Takes Reins in South Africa

Motlanthe viewed as able to ease tensions within ruling party

(Newser) - Kgalema Motlanthe was sworn in as South Africa’s caretaker president today after winning three-quarters of a parliamentary ballot, the BBC reports. The left-leaning intellectual is seen as someone who can ease rifts between supporters of Jacob Zuma, head of the African National Congress party head, and former President Thabo... More »

Zuma Loyalist Will Become South African President

Motlanthe will serve as caretaker ahead of 2009 elections

(Newser) - The African National Congress has chosen Kgalema Motlanthe, a moderate intellectual and the ruling party's No. 2, to be South Africa's caretaker president, Reuters reports. He will fill the job vacated by Thabo Mbeki, who resigned this weekend after the party demanded he step down. Motlanthe is a loyalist of... More »

Mbeki Leaves Mixed Legacy

How aloof leader will be remembered

(Newser) - Thabo Mbeki could never be as beloved as Nelson Mandela, so he didn’t try, writes Mark Tran in the Guardian. Instead, Mbeki projected himself as a competent technocrat: cool, aloof, almost disdainful of popular opinion. He leaves behind a legacy as inscrutable as that persona, with clear victories, like... More »

South Africa's President May Be Ousted in Party Revolt

ANC meets as leaders plan to kick Mbeki out of office

(Newser) - The leaders of the African National Congress, South Africa's ruling party, are meeting today to debate whether to force Thabo Mbeki to resign. The country's president has been under fire since a court ruled that the prosecution of Jacob Zuma, Mbeki's archrival and the head of the ANC, was politically... More »

Zimbabwe Leaders Sign Landmark Deal

Tsvangirai will become prime minister as parties come together

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's rival political parties signed their landmark power-sharing deal today, in which Robert Mugabe will remain president while Morgan Tsvangirai will take on the new position of prime minister. The two factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change will receive a majority of cabinet posts, including the ministries responsible... More »

S. African Court Throws Out Zuma Graft Case

Ruling clears way for leader to become president

(Newser) - A South African court has thrown out a corruption case against Jacob Zuma, effectively clearing the way for him to become president next year. The judge ruled that the charges—including 12 counts of fraud, four of corruption, and one each of racketeering and money laundering—were invalid because he... More »

Zimbabwe Rivals Strike Deal

But details won't be out until next week

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's rival factions have reached a power-sharing agreement to end Robert Mugabe's 28-year monopoly on power, the Independent reports. Details, however, won't be spelled out until Monday, leading some Western analysts to reserve celebration. In broad strokes, however, Mugabe will share power with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who will be... More »

Tsvangirai Barred From Mbeki Meet

Opposition leader detained in airport, passport yanked

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Zimbabwe's opposition, was detained at the airport in Harare today and prevented from flying to South Africa. Authorities confiscated his passport, as well as the travel documents of fellow members of the Movement for Democratic Change, before letting him leave. Tsvangirai was to attend a... More »

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Stall; Mbeki Leaves

Mugabe reportedly tries to sideline Tsvangirai

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki today left Zimbabwe without a power-sharing deal, as official media reported that Robert Mugabe had struck an agreement with a breakaway leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, sidelining its leader Morgan Tsvangirai. A spokesman for the MDC splinter group told Bloomberg there was no... More »

Zimbabwe Rivals Agree to Start Negotiations

Mugabe, Tsvangirai sign deal creating framework for talks

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has signed a deal with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai establishing negotiations on the future of Zimbabwe, the BBC reports. The rivals met for the first time in 10 years to sign the agreement, which South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki witnessed. The deal does not create the power-sharing structure... More »

South Africa Offers Zimbabwe Truce Proposal

Opposition welcomes plan ceding real power to Tsvangirai as PM

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has proposed a compromise in Zimbabwe’s political crisis: Let Robert Mugabe remain president in name, but hand power to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as temporary prime minister, the Guardian reports. Members of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change were said to be largely satisfied... More »

Stubborn Mbeki Denies the Blood on Hands

From HIV to Zimbabwe, S. African's inaction has cost lives, says Cohen

(Newser) - Five years ago Roger Cohen interviewed Thabo Mbeki in the New York Times, and even then the South African president insisted that Zimbabwe will "get over" its conflicts. So as supposed mediator in Zimbabwe's deepening economic and humanitarian disaster, why has Mbeki still done nothing? An earlier act of... More »

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