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French Paper Reports Chemical Attacks in Syria Firsthand

'Le Monde' describes chemical attacks in gritty detail

(Newser) - When Obama last spoke about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, he said he wanted to avoid "rushing to judgement" because "we don't know how they were used, when they were used, who used them." Well, here's some detail: Journalists from French newspaper Le ... More »

French Paper Publishes Nude Mohammed Cartoon

Paris shutters embassies in 20 countries

(Newser) - France is on lockdown today after a satirical French newspaper published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed—including at least one featuring the prophet naked, reports ABC News. Fearing reprisals, Paris has closed embassies in 20 countries, reports the Jerusalem Post . The caricatures in the cheeky weekly Charlie Hebdo make fun... More »

Signals Detected, but Officials Deny They're Flight 447's

Submarine sent to probe ocean floor

(Newser) - Rescuers are hot on the track of signals picked up deep in the Atlantic that could be from one of Air France Flight 447's black boxes, Le Monde reported today, but a French official denied that the signals could be originating from the doomed plane's flight recorder. “The black... More »

France's Top Newspaper Faces Crisis

Le Monde says 20% of its journalists must leave by next week

(Newser) - In the past year, the French newspaper Le Monde has endured the worst crisis in its history, losing its editor-in-chief and failing to appear on newsstands for days during a series of strikes. Now its 340 staffers have been given an ultimatum, writes the Guardian: Unless about 20% accept voluntary... More »

Strike Keeps Le Monde Off Newsstands

French paper's staff, management square off over job cuts, debt

(Newser) - Le Monde was absent from French streets today for the first time in more than 30 years as staff went on strike at the debt-ridden newspaper. In the ongoing battle over the future of the prestigious evening title, which saw the editor-in-chief pushed out, management is now trying to eliminate... More »

Battle for Le Monde Heats Up

Editor tries to keep Sarkozy ally from gaining control

(Newser) - A showdown over the future of one of the world's most prestigious newspapers has come to a head after the editor in chief of Le Monde said he would fight to keep a bosom buddy of Nicolas Sarkozy's from taking over the paper. The French evening newspaper lost $14.5... More »

French Foodies Eating Up 'Ratatouille'

Soi-disant epicures love the intricately realistic animated chef flick

(Newser) - Legions of French citizens are crowding theaters for a first taste of Pixar's latest 3-D animated feature Ratatouille, the story of a rodent chef in Paris and now the 4th highest-grossing movie premiere in France's history. The French, known for their devotion to everything food-related, are raving about "Ratatouille"... More »

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