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51st State Takes a Step Forward

4 rural Colorado counties will include ballot measure, 7 others considering it

(Newser) - At least four rural Colorado counties will vote Nov. 5 on whether to make "Northern Colorado" the 51st state . Fed up with what they see as a lack of representation in Denver, Weld County this week became the largest county to get on board, after its commissioners voted to... More »

Could This Be the USA's 51st State?

Rural counties in Colorado move to form North Colorado

(Newser) - The good people of northern Colorado are sick of those Denver city-slickers telling them what to do. Fed up with what they see as a lack of representation, several rural counties are now seriously considering seceding to form their own state: North Colorado. At a public meeting on Thursday, most... More »

Jury Convicts Jealous Punter of Assault

College athlete stabbed rival in an attempt to take over his starting spot

(Newser) - Mitch Cozad, the North Colorado punter who stabbed rival Rafael Mendoza in the leg in an attempt to steal his starting spot on the football team, was convicted of second-degree assault yesterday and faces up to 16 years in prison.  The more serious charge of attempted murder was tossed... More »

3 Stories