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Woman, 11 Kids Held Hostage in Georgia Freed

DeKalb PD says woman placed a 911 call around 2am

(Newser) - A middle-of-the-night standoff at a hotel in DeKalb County, Ga., has ended with no harm to the woman and 11 children being held hostage within one of its rooms. The woman placed a 911 call around 2am following a domestic dispute, per a rep with the DeKalb PD; a SWAT... More »

Cop Shoots Guy's Dog, Blocks Him From Vet

Wouldn't let owner leave scene because it wasn't procedure

(Newser) - Even the owner of a "friendly" and "socialized" German shepherd shot in the face by a Georgia cop last Thursday understands why the officer may have panicked upon seeing a pretty large dog running his way. What DeKalb County resident Tim Theall doesn’t understand is why Officer... More »

Police Piece Together Shooter's Trail

Kazmierczak spent two days in motel room before shooting

(Newser) - Before his shooting rampage at NIU, Steven Kazmierczak spent two days in a motel, taking cold medicine and drinking Red Bull, the Chicago Tribune reports. He left behind no note, only a sealed duffel bag filled with gun ammo. Kazmierczak, who had stopped taking medication for anxiety, also sent his... More »

College Shooter Kills 5, Self

Another 16 wounded after he opens fire in Northern Illinois lecture hall

(Newser) - A gunman opened fire in a packed lecture hall at Northern Illinois University today, killing five students before fatally shooting himself, the Chicago Tribune reports. Another 16 people were wounded. Witnesses say the gunman, clad in black, entered the lecture hall without speaking and opened fire. He had a shotgun... More »

Monster Truck Plows Into Crowd

Mother and child seriously injured

(Newser) - A mother and child were seriously injured yesterday when a monster truck stunt went horribly wrong and the vehicle plowed into a crowd of 100 spectators, AP reports. The trunk was crushing cars outside an auto parts store in Dekalb, Illinois, when the accident occurred. Another mother and her four... More »

5 Stories