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Scientists 'Enormously Excited' About Cancer Blood Test

'Liquid biopsy' shows promising early results in detecting 8 cancers—but much work is still needed

(Newser) - Scientists are "very, very excited" about what they see as a positive "first step" in developing a blood test that could detect a variety of cancers, the Washington Post reports. In a study published in the journal Science , researchers used the CancerSEEK test, which looks for cancer-tied proteins... More »

They Were Injected With STDs. Now They Want Justice

Federal judge gives go-ahead for $1B lawsuit on 'Guatemala Experiment'

(Newser) - Nearly 850 victims and relatives are celebrating a "significant win" after a Baltimore federal judge allowed attorneys to proceed with a $1 billion lawsuit (initially dismissed last year) against Johns Hopkins University and others involving a 1940s offshore disease test. The Baltimore Sun reports on the "Guatemala Experiment,... More »

An Answer for Cancer Patients Who Wonder 'Why Me?'

Unavoidable typos in DNA help fuel cancer

(Newser) - Cancer patients often wonder "why me?" Does their tumor run in the family? Did they try hard enough to avoid risks like smoking, too much sun, or a bad diet? Lifestyle and heredity get the most blame, but new research suggests random chance plays a bigger role than people... More »

Dose of Magic Mushrooms Had Big Effect on Cancer Patients

A single dose of psilocybin in a controlled setting appears to reap long-term benefits

(Newser) - Hallucinogens are back on the table—at least when it comes to clinical trials. Hundreds of trials in the 1940s and 1950s studied their effects, but since their ban in the late '60s the research all but stopped, reports the New York Times . Nowadays, though, drugs like MDMA (think... More »

US Hospital Gets OK for HIV-Positive Organ Transplants

Johns Hopkins will be first in the nation

(Newser) - Patients who are HIV-positive and in need of an organ transplant have had HOPE since 2013—but now they officially have hope. The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act gave the OK more than two years ago to allow organ transplants from one HIV-positive patient to another, a previously illegal procedure,... More »

No Chick-fil-A on Campus, Say Johns Hopkins Students

Though critics say resolution is a 'witch hunt'

(Newser) - Students at Johns Hopkins University will have to get their Chick-fil-A fix off campus if the student government has its way. Earlier this week, the SGA released a resolution informing administrators that it's opposed to bringing the chain to campus, reports Eater . The move is in response to statements... More »

$1B Suit Blames Hopkins for Infecting Subjects With STDs

750 sue over US experiments in Guatemala in '40s, '50s

(Newser) - More than 750 plaintiffs are suing the Johns Hopkins Hospital System Corp. over its role in a series of medical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and 1950s during which subjects were infected with venereal diseases. The lawsuit in Baltimore seeks $1 billion in damages for individuals infected with syphilis,... More »

University to Rejected Students: 'Embrace the YES!'

Johns Hopkins apologizes to 294 students who received erroneous email

(Newser) - "Embrace the YES!" is the encouraging message sent over the weekend to college applicants who had recently been told … no. Hence the confusion at Johns Hopkins University, which on Sunday mistakenly sent a cheery email to 285 students who had already been denied admission, the Washington Post... More »

'She Blinded Me With Science' Star Now Teaches College

Thomas Dolby applied for, got position at Johns Hopkins

(Newser) - Before composing his 1982 synth-pop hit "She Blinded Me With Science," Thomas Dolby sketched out the story line for the music video. That's not just rock 'n' roll trivia—it's one of the experiences Dolby can lean on as he teaches film and music students... More »

New Theory: Memories Change When Remembered

Study reconciles competing theories

(Newser) - Think back to your fondest memory. If a group of Johns Hopkins University researchers are right, you just changed that memory forever. They've developed a new theory about the nature of memory that could resolve a longstanding debate about the issue, Scientific American explains. They believe that memories are... More »

Snowden's Resume Had Issues: Source

But Booz Allen hired him anyway

(Newser) - NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton hired Edward Snowden even though it had questions about his resume's accuracy, an insider tells Reuters . The details remain hazy, but the issues seem to relate to claims about his educational background. The future whistleblower, for instance, said he'd taken computer classes at... More »

This Study May Help Us Stop Itching Someday

Scientists find nerve cells devoted to making mice scratch

(Newser) - Next time you're scratching an itch, don't blame the mosquito, the bedbug, the poison ivy, or whatever else caused it. Instead, turn your ire on MrgprA3. As Scientific American explains, that's the name of a newly discovered nerve receptor that apparently has one job—to make us... More »

Hopkins Doc Ditches Grad Speech in Gay Marriage Storm

Bestiality comparison enraged students

(Newser) - Neurosurgeon and rising conservative star Ben Carson is following through with his offer to step down as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins medical school, where he works. Students launched a petition after Carson's comments regarding gay marriage, bestiality, and pedophilia. "Given all the national media surrounding my statements... More »

Limbless Soldier Gets Double Arm Transplant

One of just 7 in US history

(Newser) - Following a procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a 26-year-old Iraq veteran has become the first US service member to get a double arm transplant. Just seven people in the US have ever successfully gone through the procedure, experts tell the Washington Post ; only 60 worldwide have received arm transplants, says... More »

Bloomberg's Thanks to Johns Hopkins Hits $1.1B

He's now the most generous living donor to any school in history

(Newser) - Michael Bloomberg is tossing the old alma mater a $350 million gift today, and Johns Hopkins University is marking the occasion by disclosing the grand total of all Bloomberg's gifts: Starting with $5 the year after graduating in 1964, the billionaire has given $1.1 billion to the college... More »

Johns Hopkins Student Kills Burglar With Samurai Sword

Johns Hopkins student defends home with lethal results: police

(Newser) - For those thinking of burglarizing hapless eggheads, think again: A would-be burglar met his end at the hands of a Johns Hopkins student armed with a samurai sword early today, the Baltimore Sun reports. The student, who lives off-campus, told cops he heard a sound and went downstairs, to... More »

Johns Hopkins Tops Hospital Rankings

Mayo Clinic, UCLA follow in US News rankings

(Newser) - Johns Hopkins has been named America’s best hospital for the 19th year in a row, the Baltimore Sun reports. The closely followed US News & World Report rankings placed Hopkins first in rheumatology, urology, and ear, nose and throat; it was second in neurology and neurosurgery, geriatrics, gynecology, ophthalmology,... More »

Colleges Admit More Students Just in Case

(Newser) - Private colleges across the nation are boosting the number of students they're accepting and the length of their waiting lists in case applicants can't write the tuition check when the time comes, reports the Washington Post. Applications are at a record high 3 million, but universities fear students planning on... More »

Docs Remove Donor Kidney Through Vagina

Less-painful procedure could pave the way to more donations

(Newser) - Doctors in Maryland removed a kidney from a donor through the vagina in what they believe to be the first operation of its kind, the Baltimore Examiner reports. The procedure reduced the 48-year-old donor’s pain and recovery time compared with more traditional methods. “We are all about trying... More »

US Marriage Age Oldest Ever

Women marrying at 26, men at 28

(Newser) - American couples are waiting longer than ever to get married, reports USA Today. The median age for a first marriage is almost 26 for women and 28 for men—the oldest since the US Census started keeping track in the 1890s. The increase holds true for all racial, ethnic, and... More »

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