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Carville Raising Money for Pro-Hillary Super PAC

He's the first of the family's 'inner circle' to do so

(Newser) - Count James Carville among those who really want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. He's supporting Ready for Hillary PAC, a super PAC whose mission is to get Clinton into the race, the Washington Post reports. In an email Carville is sending today, he will ask other... More »

Carville, Matalin Out at CNN

Jeff Zucker making lots of changes at network

(Newser) - New CNN honcho Jeff Zucker is making some big changes at the network, notes Daily Intel :
  • Husband-and-wife duo James Carville and Mary Matalin won't get new contracts, reports Fishbowl DC .
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Cain's Smoking Aide Had to Be Drunk: Carville

And Rick Perry is 'incapable of running for president'

(Newser) - James Carville offered an entertainingly disparaging take on the GOP presidential race today, saying that nothing stood in Mitt Romney’s way to getting the nomination—he may be a “serial windsock,” constantly changing his positions, but his opponents are inept. “The best thing Rick Perry can... More »

Carville's Advice for Obama: Panic!

It's time to 'fire. Indict. Fight,' he writes

(Newser) - What should the White House do now that Republicans won the special elections in New York and Nevada? "Panic," declares Democratic strategist James Carville. "The course we are on is not working," he writes on CNN . "The time has come to demand a plan of... More »

How Carville Thinks Hillary Could Help Obama

He thinks she could help Bill, too

(Newser) - James Carville joined the chorus that President Obama needs some more testosterone with a very Carville-like one-liner today: "If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two." Nice line, though Talking Points Memo points out that he's used it before.... More »

Obama Knew Early How Bad It Would Be

Which might explain the administration's 'sense of fatalism' in the Gulf

(Newser) - The White House knew from the start that the blown well would probably continue gushing into August and cause unprecedented environmental damage, reports Richard Wolfe of the Daily Beast . Carol Browner warned the president at one of the earliest briefings that it would be nearly impossible to temporarily cap the... More »

Carville To Obama: Tell BP 'I'm Your Daddy'

Blasts the president again for not taking control

(Newser) - James Carville is on a tear to push the president to step up his response to the gulf oil spill . He kept the campaign going last night on John King's show on CNN by advising Obama: "Tell BP 'I'm your daddy, I'm in charge, you're going to do... More »

Carville to Obama: 'Get Down Here and Take Control!'

The fired-up New Orleans resident makes a plea to Obama

(Newser) - James Carville didn't mince words on Good Morning America today, blasting Obama, again, for his handling of the spill, calling his absence in the region "unbelievable political stupidity." His voice raising to a near-yell (George Stephanopoulos thanks the fired-up Carville for his "passion" at the end of... More »

Carville to Advise Karzai Challenger

Says move shouldn't be seen as US looking for change in Afghan leadership

(Newser) - James Carville is headed to Kabul to advise one of Hamid Karzai’s challengers in Afghanistan’s upcoming election, Bloomberg reports. Carville has close ties to Hillary Clinton, but says the move shouldn’t be seen as a sign the Obama administration is pushing for a leadership change. “I... More »

Carville: GOP Can't Abandon Christian Right

'Their party would crumble' otherwise, Dem strategist argues

(Newser) - Analysts who say the Republicans should rethink their social platform and move away from the Christian right are off their rockers, James Carville tells the Huffington Post. “Their party would crumble,” the Democratic strategist says. A whopping 90% of conservative, white, married Christians identify themselves as Republicans, up... More »

To Defray Debt, Clinton Can Be a GoDaddy Girl: Carville

(Newser) - Should Hillary Clinton shake her assets to repay her campaign debt? James Carville jokingly said he’d be “all for” the secretary of state appearing in one of GoDaddy.com’s famously racy commercials, Politico reports. He made the suggestion in a freewheeling online radio conversation with site founder... More »

Help Hillary Pay Debt, Win Idol Tickets!

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has a deal for you. Longtime buddy James Carville sent a letter to supporters today asking for donations to help retire her campaign debt, reports the Washington Independent. For $5 or more, donors are entered to win one of three prizes: a day with Bill Clinton in New... More »

Carville's Bush Comments No Comparison to Rush's 'Fail'

Pre-9/11, Dem hoped Dubya didn't 'succeed'

(Newser) - Amid the hubbub over Rush Limbaugh’s open desire for the president to fail, Fox News is claiming a media double-standard: Democratic strategist James Carville made a similar comment referencing Bush 43, and no one heard about it. But the two situations are far from analogous, writes Dave Cook in... More »

Dem Strategists Hatched Plan to Target Limbaugh

Carville, Greenberg conspire to shine spotlight on Rush

(Newser) - Democrats think the hubbub surrounding Rush Limbaugh is solid political gold, and they didn’t strike it by accident. When operatives James Carville and Stanley Greenberg tossed Limbaugh’s name onto a poll last fall, they discovered that Americans can’t stand the conservative talk icon, reports Jonathan Martin in... More »

Emanuel and 3 Pals Never Miss Their Morning Calls

Emanuel, Carville, Begala, Stephanopoulos talk every day

(Newser) - Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel may have his hands full these days, but not too full to touch base every single morning with three longtime pals: James Carville, George Stephanopoulos, and Paul Begala, reports Politico. The four Dems never skip the chance to trade information and gossip, often in... More »

Role in White House for Obama Strategist?

Strategist Axelrod seen as key policy cog, but he could be a target in Washington

(Newser) - With Barack Obama holding a lead in the polls, Democrats have begun discussing what, if any, role his top campaign strategist might have in an Obama White House, Politico reports. David Axelrod, say those who know him, is seriously weighing an administration position; where he ends up could be key... More »

Should Dems Attack More in Denver?

Carville's criticism of soft-focus convention sparks debate

(Newser) - James Carville started tongues wagging in Denver when he criticized Democrats for not attacking enough. “You haven't heard about Iraq or John McCain or George W. Bush,” Carville complained on CNN. “We’re playing hide the message.” Is Carville right?
  • Matt Bunk of the Arizona Capital
... More »

Get Mad, or Go Home: Pundits

Klein, Carville to Obama: Show some feeling, already

(Newser) - It doesn’t do Barack Obama any good just to say he feels strongly—voters need to be able to see it from the Democratic candidate, Joe Klein writes in Time. His message on the economy, this year’s key issue, won’t work until he can show some “... More »

Russert's Son: 'My Dad's Last Speech'

(Newser) - Tim Russert's 22-year-old son delivered what he called his "dad's last speech" today before a crowd of Washington luminaries, People reports. "My dad was my best friend," said a composed Luke Russert, who called his father a "force of nature" who combined his passion for work... More »

Meet the Press Remembers Russert

Tom Brokaw leads celebration of newsman's career

(Newser) - With the moderator's chair empty, Tom Brokaw began this morning's edition of "Meet the Press" by urging the show's guests not to cry, Politico reports. Friends and admirers of longtime host Tim Russert gathered to recall the highlights of his career and what made the ultimate political junkie. More »

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