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PayPal Sues Google, Says It Stole Trade Secrets

Goes after 'Google Wallet' mobile system

(Newser) - EBay and its PayPal subsidiary have filed a lawsuit accusing Google of stealing its trade secrets in the creation of its Google Wallet product . The suit names two executives—Osama Bedier and Stephanie Tilenius—who jumped ship to Google after long stints working at PayPal and eBay respectively, Reuters reports.... More »

Electric Car Maker Sues Rival for Stealing Trade Secrets

Designer Fisker employed by Tesla, then started own company

(Newser) - The maker of an electric sports car is suing a rival company, alleging stolen trade secrets, the New York Times reports. Tesla Motors hired Henrik Fisker to design a new sedan; after a subpar effort, Tesla says, he founded his own company and built a better vehicle with Tesla tricks.... More »

Apple Crushes News Leak Website

Think Secret published unreleased corporate info, inside scoops

(Newser) - After seven years publishing sneak previews on all things Apple, website Think Secret has been run out of the water by its biggest target. While die-hard Apple-pickers flocked to the site for breaking news on updates and upcoming software, Apple found the site a nuisance, and launched a lawsuit in... More »

FTC Spills Trade Secrets

Redacted portions were actually easily legible

(Newser) - While investigating Whole Foods Market's proposed takeover of competitor Wild Oats, the FTC accidentally released dozens of Whole Foods' trade secrets. The commission filed documents electronically without realizing that redacted portions were actually legible, just shaded. Among the secrets: how Whole Foods negotiates with suppliers to drive up prices at... More »

4 Stories