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Trump's Old Ferrari Didn't Make as Much as Expected at Auction

It sold for $270K

(Newser) - President Trump's former Ferrari was sold at auction for what Bloomberg calls a "disappointing" amount Saturday. The 2007 F430 F1 Coupe had been expected to go for as much as $350,000, but bidding stopped at $240,000, $10,000 below its low estimate and not high enough... More »

Cops Foil Crazy Scheme to Steal Famous Corpse

Gang allegedly planned to ransom body of the founder of Ferrari

(Newser) - A bizarre crime tale out of Italy: Police say gang members planned to steal the body of Formula One racing pioneer Enzo Ferrari, hide it in the Apennine Mountains, and demand ransom from family members or the Ferrari company for its safe return. Luckily, they didn't get the chance,... More »

Parallel Parking Attempt Ends Very, Very Badly

That's not good

(Newser) - One driver may be giving her insurance company an expensive bill after she accidentally backed into a nearly $300,000 Ferrari while attempting to parallel park outside a Virginia coffeehouse, the AP reports. Video being shared online shows the aftermath of the Saturday accident in Great Falls, near Washington, DC.... More »

Booze, Speed Tied to Crash That Killed Survivor of Boston Bombing

Just hours after a rider in the ill-fated Ferrari promised no speeding in Dubai

(Newser) - "Just landed into Dubai picked up the Ferrari! Don't worry I won't speed ;)" was Cody Nixon's final Instagram post , showing the Canadian boxer standing next to said yellow Ferrari just hours before the crash early Sunday that killed him and three others , including Boston Marathon... More »

Christian Bale Drops Out of Film for Odd Reason

He was reportedly concerned over weight gain required to play Ferrari

(Newser) - Christian Bale has dropped out of a film, and sources say it's because he couldn't gain weight fast enough. Bale was due to star in Michael Mann's Enzo Ferrari movie, a biopic of the titular character set in 1957, but has left the production over, officially, health... More »

Crazy Reckless Driving Case in Beverly Hills Gets Weirder

Cars are owned by sheikh who allegedly falsely claimed diplomatic immunity

(Newser) - A case of reckless driving last weekend in Beverly Hills involved a $1.4 million Ferrari, false claims of diplomatic immunity , an alleged death threat, a Middle Eastern sheikh, and zero arrests. The whole thing started Sept. 12 when the swanky Los Angeles neighborhood was terrorized by a yellow Ferrari... More »

Rich Kid Torches Ferrari So Dad Will Buy Him New One

His grand scheme falls through, however

(Newser) - Like some horrible combination of Veruca Salt and Vin Diesel, a 20-year-old Swiss man was sentenced last week for torching his $245,000 Ferrari so his millionaire father, who had already bought him 15 cars, would buy him a newer one. The New York Daily News reports the man, who... More »

Crooked Cop Drove Ferrari to Work

UK officer Osman Iqbal now serving 7 years

(Newser) - Police officer Osman Iqbal of Birmingham, England, had lucrative sidelines in drugs, prostitution, and money laundering—and he might have gotten away with it for longer if he hadn't started driving a $250,000 Ferrari to his day job. After the officer, who made roughly $60,000 a year,... More »

Car Auctions Off for Record-Breaking $34M

Ferrari 250 GTO was once owned by Olympic gold medalist

(Newser) - A rare 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO once owned by a famed racing driver and Olympic gold medalist has sold for $34.65 million. Yesterday's sale at an auction in California during Monterey Car Week is believed to be a record public auction price for a classic car, topping the... More »

Car With Highest Injury Rate Is ...

Toyota Yaris, with Suzuki SX4 right behind

(Newser) - Driving a Toyota Yaris? Be cautious: At 28.5 injury claims for every 1,000 of the vehicles insured, the car boasts the worst rate of any vehicle, says a new study. The runner-up was the Suzuki SX4, with 26.6 injury claims per 1,000 insured vehicles, the Los ... More »

Ferrari Crash Could Affect China Leadership Transition

Bizarre accident reportedly involved son of close presidential adviser

(Newser) - A Ferrari crash in China that happened back in March is getting fresh attention now that it turns out it could have an impact on the country's political leadership transition. The crash was insane even without any political tie-in: The black Ferrari 458 Spider—purchased for nearly $1 million—... More »

Chain-Reaction Crash Triggers Priciest Pileup Ever

8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini Diablo turned into scrap

(Newser) - A chain-reaction crash of some of the priciest driving machines in Japan triggered the most expensive pileup in car-wreck history. Millions of dollars of luxe metal were crumpled when eight Ferraris, three Mercedes Benzes, and a Lamborghini Diablo slammed into one another on the Chugoku Expressway in southwestern Japan yesterday... More »

Is the New Ferrari Cursed?

A series of accidents plague sexy new speedster

(Newser) - The new Ferrari 458 handles like a dream, and can zoom from zero to 60 in just over three seconds, but some owners are having buyer’s remorse—because they think the supercar is cursed. Six Ferrari 458s have crashed in the past three months, while another three caught on... More »

Swiss Millionaire Hit With $290K Speeding Fine

Repeat offender handed history's priciest traffic ticket

(Newser) - A Swiss millionaire caught driving his Ferrari Testarossa through a residential area at 85 mph has been hit with the highest speeding ticket in history. The court handed the 53-year-old showoff a $290,000 fine based on his $23 million personal fortune, the fact that he was a repeat offender,... More »

Racing Legend Schumacher Will Return for Ferrari

7-time F1 champ fills in for injured Massa

(Newser) - Seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is making a comeback for Ferrari to replace injured driver Felipe Massa. Ferrari said today in a statement that the 40-year-old German had agreed to drive just until Massa's ready to return. "Though the Formula One chapter has long been closed for... More »

Freak Accident Nearly Kills Grand Prix Racer

Car part bounces off track, fractures Felipe Massa's skull

(Newser) - A Brazilian auto racer is in “life-threatening,” though stable, condition after a spring from another car bounced off the track and hit the driver in the helmet, knocking him unconscious as he drove into a barrier, the Independent reports. Felipe Massa’s surgery for multiple skull fractures was... More »

Fiat, Chrysler Talk Partnership

Deal could allow US firm quick access to small-car parts

(Newser) - Chrysler is in talks with Fiat to form a partnership that could boost the troubled automaker, Automotive News reports. In the deal, Fiat may offer Chrysler access to its platforms, engines, and transmissions for smaller cars, enabling Chrysler to quickly put out a new line of front-wheel-drive, low-emissions vehicles. Fiat... More »

Why Ferraris Are Getting Ugly

(Newser) - The latest Ferraris burn up roads and handle like dreams, but their looks are fading, Gavin Green writes in Car Magazine. The California "has a fat arse," the 612 is "ill-proportioned," and the Enzo "is more bug than bird," grieves Green—who... More »

Car Lovers Pay $5K for a Spin

140-mph ride is too much for one: 'I tossed my cookies,' he said

(Newser) - Car nuts are flying to Los Angeles and coughing up nearly $5,000 to drive a Porsche 997 Turbo. Why the numbing bill? Because Supercar Life, a fantasy camp, lets motorists spend all day driving a host of pricey cars at outrageous speeds. For many, the 140-mph thrill ride is... More »

Racing Team Docked $100M in Spying Flap

McLaren stole data from rival Ferrari to improve own car

(Newser) - Formula One auto-racing team McLaren Mercedes was fined a record $100 million today for using information from rival Ferrari to improve its own cars, the New York Times reported. Though McLaren's drivers—who are at the top of the F1 standings—will keep their points and remain in competition, the... More »

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