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Engineers: Mining Disaster Was 'Murder'

Anger erupts as PM's aide appears to kick protester

(Newser) - With the death toll now at 282 and the hope of finding survivors diminishing, anger over yesterday's mine disaster in Turkey is spiking fast—and some aren't hesitating to point fingers. "WHAT HAPPENED IN SOMA IS NOT FATE, IT IS MURDER," a branch of the Chamber... More »

Protesters Tear-Gassed After Turkey Mine Blast

Death toll rises to 238; 120 still trapped, says PM

(Newser) - With the death toll from Turkey's mine explosion at 238, some are attacking a mine management system that "thinks only about money," as one worker puts it. Anger has sparked protests, including one that saw 800 student demonstrators hit with tear gas and water cannons in Ankara,... More »

60 Killed in Congo Mine Shaft Collapse

Landslide causes accident amid illegal operation

(Newser) - A mine shaft collapsed Monday in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, killing at least 60 gold miners inside, officials tell Reuters today. "It was deep in the forest; there was a landslide," says a provincial mining official. The miners were working in an illegal operation, and at 327... More »

Trapped Miner's Body Recovered

Larry Marek, 53, died after cave-in

(Newser) - After nine days, workers yesterday recovered the body of Larry Marek, who was trapped during a cave-in in an Idaho silver mine. Marek and his brother, Mike, had just finished watering down blasted-out rock and ore in the mine on April 15 when the ceiling collapsed in a 6,150-foot-deep... More »

Rescuers Work Through Night, But Miner Still Trapped

Digging machine could help speed up efforts

(Newser) - Rescuers worked through the night and were still at it today, but a man trapped in an Idaho mine since Friday remains underground. A remote-controlled digging machine was brought in today, the AP reports, but it must be disassembled and then reassembled more than a mile below ground, and it’... More »

New Zealand Mourns 29 Lost Miners

But mine should reopen, civic leaders say

(Newser) - As New Zealand mourns the 29 miners lost in Tuesday’s second explosion , civic leaders are already calling for the mine to be reopened. "A big part of our economy on the west coast is coal and, yes, we want our men back down the mine working,” says... More »

Rescuers Begin Drilling to Reach NZ Miners

Small test hole will take up to a day to complete

(Newser) - Rescuers began drilling more than 48 hours after a methane explosion in a New Zealand mine trapped 29 workers. Officials said that gas levels in the mine were receding, but still fluctuating, causing uncertainty as to whether the tunnel is safe enough for a search and recovery operation. A rig... More »

Tunnel to Chile Miners Passes Escape Test

Rescue set to begin at midnight

(Newser) - Rescue workers finished reinforcing the tunnel from the surface to a collapsed shaft where 33 Chilean miners are trapped, the AP reports, and an escape capsule successfully navigated almost the entire length in a test. "We didn't send it all the way down because we could risk that someone... More »

Drill Breaks Through to Chilean Mine

Rescue could come as soon as Tuesday

(Newser) - Sirens and cheers went up today as a drill finally broke through to the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 66 days, reports the AP. The milestone means that if the shaft is found to be solid, miners could start emerging one by one as soon as Tuesday. But that's... More »

Trapped Miners Finally Getting Cigarettes

And light, too

(Newser) - The trapped Chilean miners have been asking for cigarettes for more than a week—and they’re finally about to get them. Rescuers will send down two packs a day for the 33 men to share, CNN reports . Until now, the miners had only been receiving nicotine patches and gum;... More »

Trapped Chilean Miners Rebel

They return peaches, demand empanadas

(Newser) - One month into their ordeal, the 33 trapped Chilean miners are starting to act a wee bit like divas, in recent days refusing to accept a customized board game because it contained spelling errors, returning peaches, and repeatedly requesting wine, cigarettes, and empanadas. They're also acting a bit like rebels,... More »

Trapped Miners Survived on a Few Bites of Tuna

Plus a sip of milk, a biscuit, every 2 days

(Newser) - As more news from the trapped Chilean miners bubbles to the surface, the Telegraph reports new details on how they have managed to survive 18 days. Using an intercom lowered 2,300 feet, the miners explained that they carefully rationed the food that had been stored in the emergency shelter,... More »

Trapped Miners Could Be Underground Til Christmas

... in a sweltering shelter with limited food, water

(Newser) - Chile rejoiced over the discovery that 33 Chilean miners are alive after 17 days stuck underground, but their ordeal is far from over. The engineer leading the rescue mission says it will take "at least 120 days" to create a shaft wide enough to pull the miners up one... More »

33 Miners Found Alive After 17 Days

But rescue effort could still take months

(Newser) - After 17 days trapped underground, 33 Chilean miners were confirmed alive today. A probe reached the miners at 2,257 feet and returned with a handwritten note reading, “All 33 of us are fine in the shelter,” the AP reports . The gold and copper mine collapsed Aug. 5,... More »

Deadly Mine Collapse Draws Record Fine

Weak pillars, dangerous areas linked to Utah deaths

(Newser) - The federal government has socked a Utah mine operator and its consultant with the highest fine ever—$1.85 million—for safety violations in a mine collapse that killed six men last year. Investigators said weak pillar support and work in dangerous areas of the Crandell Canyon mine led to... More »

Report: Utah Mine Collapse Was Avoidable

Company, feds faulted for ignoring 'red flags' about tenuous section

(Newser) - Mining officials concealed information that could have prevented the deaths of nine miners in Utah last year, says a congressional report out today. The August disaster followed the collapse of a nearby section of the mine, which indicated that the terrain was unsafe—but officials at the Crandall Mine didn’... More »

Ukraine Mine Blast Toll Hits 63

37 men missing in methane gas explosion

(Newser) - At least 63 miners were killed early today when a methane gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in eastern Ukraine. Another 37 miners were missing and rescuers have been unable to establish communication with any survivors. More than 360 men were safely evacuated from the half-mile deep mine, AP... More »

Last South African Miners Freed

Minister vows to 'tighten up' mine safety laws, shuts down mine for 6 weeks

(Newser) - The last of more than 3,200 workers were lifted from a South African mine today after more than a day underground, BBC reports. "It was terrible," said one miner. "There was not enough air and they tried putting in more and ventilating the areas where we... More »

Rain Foils Mine Camera Drop

But device should work in normal conditions

(Newser) - An 8-inch robotic camera’s descent down a 1,415-foot borehole in the collapsed Crandall Canyon Mine was cut short yesterday by several hours of steady rain, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. The weather blocked positioning of equipment needed to drop the camera, as well as preparations for a seventh... More »

Mine Operation Continues With 7th Hole and Camera

Camera could reach shaft bottom by this afternoon

(Newser) - Reversing an earlier decision, recovery efforts will continue at the Utah mine where six miners were trapped three weeks ago. A seventh hole will be drilled into the mine, and a camera will be dropped into a previously bored hole to search for signs of life. Family members requested that... More »

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