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Time to Ditch Umps? (Or at Least Some of Them)

Machines might be able to do this job better

(Newser) - Joe Mauer smashed a ball to left field in the 11th inning Friday, and it landed fair, a foot inside the line. But it won’t show up on any box score, because umpire Phil Cuzzi, standing just 10 feet away, ruled it foul. It’s just one of several... More »

MLB Gives Geeks a New Toy

Pitch f/x will allow unprecedented statistical analysis of hurling physics

(Newser) - In this already-halcyon period for the stats nerds of the sporting world, writes Slate's Nate DiMeo, Major League Baseball has quietly enabled a quantum advance with a new technology: Pitch f/x. It tracks the vital statistics of each pitch: initial and final velocity, initial and final location, and deviation from... More »

2 Stories