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Common Thyroid Cancer Isn't Cancer Anymore

'If it’s not a cancer, let’s not call it a cancer'

(Newser) - A group of 24 doctors from seven countries just reclassified a certain type of thyroid tumor as no longer cancerous, according to a report in JAMA Oncology . That might not seem like that big of a big deal, but it is. The tumor—formerly called EFVPTC (encapsulated follicular variant of... More »

Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Baby Formula

(Newser) - Traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel have been found in several brands of powdered baby formula, according to a CDC study. The chemical, perchlorate, has also been found in several cities’ water supplies; if that water is combined with contaminated formula, it could exceed the level of perchlorate... More »

Barbara Bush Hospitalized

Former first lady rushed in for tests after complaining of stomach pain

(Newser) - Barbara Bush has been hospitalized in Houston after complaining of stomach pains, reports CNN. A spokesman for the Bush family said the former first lady, 83, is doing fine, and all tests have so far come back negative. Bush, who suffers from a thyroid condition, is expected to be released... More »

Household Chemicals Sickening Cats

Flame retardants used on furniture could be hurting humans, too

(Newser) - Cats are falling ill with thyroid disease caused by toxic flame retardants found in household dust and some pet food, says the EPA. Chemicals known as PBDEs—polybrominated diphenyl ethers—found in consumer products and furniture are mimicking hormones which send a cat's thyroid into overdrive. Since humans are the... More »

4 Stories