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Zac Efron Drops $2K on Vodka, Strippers

Just another Sunday night with Corbin Bleu

(Newser) - Guess their High School Musical days are over: Zac Efron and co-star Corbin Bleu racked up $2,000 in lap dances and vodka at a New York strip club Sunday night. “They were interacting a lot with the girls and reaching out and showering money on them,” a... More »

New Fame Ain't Gonna Last

Slick remake of 1980 musical lacks the original's heart

(Newser) - Fame, the new remake of the classic 1980 musical about students at New York's High School for the Performing Arts, will be entertaining enough for tweeners, say critics, but its sanitized feel and lightweight characters make it a forgettable inferior to the gritty original.
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... More »

Disney's Worldly Approach Makes HSM a Global Smash

(Newser) - The success of High School Musical 3 proves that 293 million tweens can't be wrong. The series’ third installment debuted No. 1 in 19 international markets, confirming Disney's success with a strategy that marries the franchise’s universal themes to local cultures, Time reports. “You weave it together, forming... More »

Musical Belts Out Record Opening

Runner-up Saw V far ahead of rest of the field

(Newser) - Sweetness and gore dominated the box office this week, reports Variety. High School Musical 3 bopped off with $42 million, having the best opening ever for a musical. Runner-up Saw V, with $30.5 million, still chopped the rest of the field down to size. The box office take was... More »

HSM 3 Is Cheesy, Charming

Hit TV movie sticks to formula on the silver screen

(Newser) - High School Musical 3 takes the megapopular Disney Channel franchise to the big screen, and its director has “made the most of the move to the multiplex," writes Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News. While the storyline is “instantly forgettable,” it’s still “... More »

Nudie Pic Threatens High School Musical

Disney reeling after Hudgens bares all

(Newser) - Disney’s squeaky-clean billion-dollar High School Musical franchise has been staggered by an amateur nude photo of star Vanessa Hudgens making the rounds on the internet. So far The Mouse is backing Hudgens, but the shot has been ripped by parents. Hudgens is negotiating for the third Musical installment, but... More »

'High School Musical 2' Sets TV Record

17M fans make Disney original most-watched basic cable show ever

(Newser) - An estimated 17.2 million viewers tuned into "High School Musical 2" Friday night, making the Disney Channel original the most watched basic cable program in history. Backed by an 18-month promotional blitz, the sequel nearly doubled the debut audience of last year's "High School Musical" and is... More »

Disney Goes Back to High School

(Newser) - The sequel to Disney's smash hit 'High School Musical' will air Friday, and with a barrage of merchandise including CDs, DVDs, musical handbags, stationery, bedding, and a board game, the two kids' flicks are expected to rake in $100M for the Mickey Mouse company, reports the LA Times. More »

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