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A Very Different Kind of Farm Grows in Newark

AeroFarms employs aeroponics technology to grow greens in vertical stacks of beds without soil or water

(Newser) - The proposal might sound unlikely: Take an abandoned steel mill in Newark, NJ, and build a so-called vertical farm, the world's largest. In so doing, revive a rundown area, produce more crops in less space far faster than in a field, use fewer resources, and pack in more nutrients... More »

Thousands on Risky Hunt for Nepal's 'Viagra'

Harvesting of Yarsagumba could also damage ecosystem

(Newser) - It's June in Nepal, so tens of thousands of people are scouring the nation's remote highlands for so-called "Himalayan Viagra"—a fungus said to boost libidos and ease health woes. But harvesting is a risky job that doesn't pay much compared to the fungus' value... More »

Relax, There's No More Peanut Shortage

Record crop numbers should mean plenty of peanut butter this year

(Newser) - Shoppers went a bit nutty earlier this year after two years of drought led to a peanut shortage that sent peanut butter prices skyward. But farmers are now growing the crop in record numbers, which should bring down supermarket prices, reports the Wall Street Journal . Areas in US where the... More »

Farming's Future: No More Plows?

'No-till' agriculture is eco-friendly and rising in popularity

(Newser) - A transformation in farming may be under way, one that leaves plows in the dust. It's called "no-till" farming, and the AFP (via Raw Story ) catches up with the growing trend in Indiana. The idea is that a plow—or on a smaller scale, a garden shovel—... More »

World Running Out of Fishing Grounds

Industry has overfished nearly every part of the oceans

(Newser) - The world's fishing industry has now exploited nearly every part of the world's oceans and has no choice left but to shift to more sustainable methods, a new study concludes. "We knew the expansion was going on, but this is the first time we have quantified it," a... More »

Disease Threatens Florida Oranges

Scientists search for solutions to citrus greening disease

(Newser) - Florida’s orange growers face a powerful adversary in a disease know by its shorthand of HLB that causes citrus trees to “green”—produce only sour, misshapen fruit, Scientific American reports. With every county in the state affected, the citrus industry has dedicated $10 million this year alone... More »

Midwest Awaits Bumper Corn Crop

Ideal growing weather wipes out flood fears

(Newser) - America's farmers are on track to deliver the second-biggest corn harvest ever despite June floods, according to the Department of Agriculture. Shortages were predicted after severe flooding swamped fields, but the Midwest has had ideal corn-growing weather since, the New York Times reports. A healthy soybean crop is also expected.... More »

Poor Crops Threaten to Worsen Food Crisis

Bad weather in US, Australia threatens harvests amid shortages

(Newser) - Amid fears of looming food shortages around the world, this year’s crops aren’t providing much hope, the New York Times reports. While farmers in America have been hit with too much rain, Australian farmers are battling the effects of drought. US farmers planted 4 million more acres this... More »

Pacific Salmon Season in Peril

Incredibly low stocks prompt action from federal agency

(Newser) - A shortage of salmon in the waters along the Pacific coast has driven regulators to consider a ban on salmon-fishing this season, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Pacific Fishery Management Council has never recommended canceling the season before, and about 1,000 commercial fishermen could see their livelihood devastated... More »

Italian Grapes Make Early Debut

Spooks Wine Country

(Newser) - This year's grape harvest in Italy will be unlike any one in living memory—for starters because it's happening in August. Because of sky-high temperatures and scanty rainfall, grapes are ripening three to four weeks ahead of normal schedules. Some grape growers blame it on global warming, but scientists warn... More »

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