High School Musical 2

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'American Idol' Most-Watched Show of 2007

Super Bowl again is top single broadcast in Nielsen year-ender

(Newser) - Nielsen released its top-10 ratings for everything from TV to consumer goods this week. Once again, "American Idol" was the most-watched regular show, while the Super Bowl drew the most viewers for a single event. Although "Lost" didn't rank among the top 10 shows during its regular airings,... More »

Nudie Pic Threatens High School Musical

Disney reeling after Hudgens bares all

(Newser) - Disney’s squeaky-clean billion-dollar High School Musical franchise has been staggered by an amateur nude photo of star Vanessa Hudgens making the rounds on the internet. So far The Mouse is backing Hudgens, but the shot has been ripped by parents. Hudgens is negotiating for the third Musical installment, but... More »

Disney Goes Back to High School

(Newser) - The sequel to Disney's smash hit 'High School Musical' will air Friday, and with a barrage of merchandise including CDs, DVDs, musical handbags, stationery, bedding, and a board game, the two kids' flicks are expected to rake in $100M for the Mickey Mouse company, reports the LA Times. More »

3 Stories