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Drugs We Dump May Be Causing Sex Changes in Fish

Male bass in Northeast undergoing strange changes

(Newser) - Male bass are experiencing unwanted sex changes, apparently thanks to the "chemical soups" that pass for waterways in the Northeast. The Washington Post reports 85% of male smallmouth bass surveyed in the region have "characteristics of the opposite sex"—specifically eggs where their testes should be. The... More »

Hermaphrodite Cat Getting Gender Assignment Surgery

Mittens will officially become male

(Newser) - Here's a sentence you probably never thought you'd read: Mittens, a hermaphroditic cat from Newfoundland, is getting gender assignment surgery. Colleen Clarke-Murphy's daughter brought the stray cat home, and when the family took it to the vet, they were told it has both male and female genitalia,... More »

Court Deals Blow to Murderer Seeking Sex Change

Overturns 2012 ruling in hotly debated case of Michelle Kosilek

(Newser) - A sharply divided federal appeals court has overturned a ruling ordering Massachusetts to provide taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery for an inmate convicted of murder. Michelle Kosilek, born Robert Kosilek, is serving a life sentence for killing wife Cheryl Kosilek in 1990. Kosilek has waged a protracted legal battle for surgery she... More »

Mom Backs Teen's Sex Change in a Very Public Way

In a retracted birth announcement she writes, 'We were mistaken. Oops!'

(Newser) - When 19-year-old Australian teenager Elizabeth Anne Bogert announced that he identifies as male instead of female, his mother Yolanda took out a classified ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail retracting her son's original birth announcement. She wrote: "In 1995 we announced the arrival of our sprogget, Elizabeth Anne,... More »

Massachusetts Must Pay for Murderer's Sex Change

Michelle Kosilek, born Robert Kosilek, was convicted of killing wife in 1990

(Newser) - Massachusetts taxpayers are officially on the hook for a transgender murderer's sex-reassignment surgery. US District Judge Mark Wolf today ruled in the case of Michelle Kosilek , who was born as a man but has received hormone treatments and lives as a woman in an all-male prison. Robert Kosilek was... More »

Punk Rock Frontman Switching Sexes

Punk rocker Tom Gabel becoming Laura Jane Grace

(Newser) - Tom Gabel, lead singer of punk rockers Against Me!, is about to become the band's frontwoman. Gabel—soon to be known as Laura Jane Grace—has decided to begin living as a woman and will soon start taking hormones. She says she has long struggled with a condition known... More »

Cops: Walmart Workers Steal $45K for Sex Change

Pair also hoped for a car

(Newser) - One wanted a Supra; the other, a sex change. So two Walmart workers allegedly teamed up to steal $45,000 from the Arizona store that employed them—money that would purchase surgery for one and a car for the other, they told police. One of the employees distracted the cashiers... More »

Bradley Manning Considered Switching His Gender

'Bradley felt he was female': counselor

(Newser) - Bradley Manning “felt he was female," and looked into changing his gender, his former counselor tells New York . Though the suspected WikiLeaker “really wanted to do surgery,” the counselor says, “he was mostly afraid of being alone, being ostracized or somehow weird.” Manning used... More »

After Failed Attempts, Inmate Sues for Sex Change

Ophelia De'lonta, born Michael Stokes, argues sex change is a medical necessity

(Newser) - Crouched in her cell, Ophelia De'lonta hoped three green disposable razors from the prison commissary would give her what the Virginia Department of Corrections would not—a sex change. She’s tried herself many times, but failed to get rid of "that thing" between her legs. De'lonta... More »

Texas GOP Aims to Squash Transgender Marriage Rights

Gov. Perry: I never meant to grant them

(Newser) - In 2009 Texas became one of the last states to allow transgendered people to marry by allowing them to obtain a marriage license if they showed proof of their sex change—but now GOP lawmakers want to roll back that law. Some Republicans say they are simply trying to clear... More »

Surgery No Longer Needed for Passport Gender Swap

Move will make travel easier for transgender people

(Newser) - People who want to change their gender on their passport will no longer need to go under the knife, the State Department has declared. All an applicant need do now is show a doctor's certification that the or she has undergone "appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition," which... More »

Brit Declared Genderless After Sex-Change Snafu

Norrie May-Welby was born a man, switched, and now...

(Newser) - A British, uh, person who lives in Australia and was born a man had a sex change operation, then became dissatisfied with his/her new gender, finally decided to go "neuter," and is now perhaps the first person to be declared officially genderless. Now 48-year-old Norrie May-Welby's birth certificate... More »

World's 2nd Pregnant Man 'Blissfully Happy'

California man expecting baby boy next month

(Newser) - When Scott Moore gives birth to a baby boy next month, he'll become the world's second man to do so. Moore, 30, was born a girl named Jessica, and met his husband Thomas (born Laura) in a support group for transgendered men. "We want to show the world that... More »

Chastity Bono Will Change Sex to Male

Sonny and Cher's child began process just after 40th birthday

(Newser) - Chastity Bono—the 40-year-old activist-artist child of Sonny and Cher—is in the early stages of changing his gender from female to male. “It is Chaz’s hope that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue, just as his ‘... More »

Pregnant Man Gives Birth to Second Child

(Newser) - Pregnant Man is no one-baby wonder. Thomas Beatie gave birth to his second child this morning, reports ABC News. Beatie, who was born a woman but is now legally a man, catapulted to fame last year when images of his pregnant belly surfaced. Though he's had some surgery toward his... More »

Transsexual Pregnant With Twins Mid-Sex Change

Spaniard interrupts gender reassignment

(Newser) - A Spanish transsexual undergoing gender reassignment from female to male is pregnant with twins, reports the New York Daily News. Ruben Coronado interrupted the sex change process for fertility treatments after learning his partner couldn't have more children. Coronado plans to complete the sex change after the twins are born... More »

Banks Will Pay for Top Model Contestant's Sex Change

'This is not happening,' cries Isis King

(Newser) - Tyra Banks shocked a former America's Next Top Model contestant by offering to pay for her sex change, the New York Daily News reports. Transgendered Isis King, booted off the show for flunking a poolside photo shoot, was stunned when Banks said a doctor will operate pro bono. "This... More »

Even Toughest Toads Are Being Unmanned

Clues to sex-change mystery could explain amphibian decline

(Newser) - The mystery of the hermaphrodite toads may be solved: Researchers have found that various chemicals used in farming are linked to sex changes in certain amphibian species, the Independent reports. In a population of cane toads, 40% of males had developed feminine coloring and ovaries, and an additional 20% had... More »

Cuban Prez OKs Sex Change Operations

Daughter Mariela, who heads sex ed center, pushed for change

(Newser) - Cubans can now have free sex change operations, Reuters reports. The latest legal change under President Raul Castro was pushed by his daughter, Mariela Castro, who heads a sex education center and says she has a 28-person waiting list. Cuba allowed a sex change 20 years ago, but sparked so... More »

First Preggers Guy: It's My Right to Have Baby

Pregnant transgendered man kept his uterus to be a 'mom,' he tells Oprah

(Newser) - A pregnant transgendered man always wanted to have a baby and kept his uterus so he could do so, he told Oprah Winfrey yesterday. The 34-year-old man, who's expecting in July, had his breasts removed years ago and underwent hormone treatment to change his sex. He decided to step up... More »

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