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Celeb Chef Plans Inaugural Fete

(Newser) - Alice Waters is heading to Washington, and the inauguration eve dinner prepared by one of the country's highest-profile chefs is one of the capital’s hottest tickets, the Huffington Post reports. The Chez Panisse founder says she hopes the event will highlight her advocacy of local food and communal eating.... More »

Invest in Gardens, Where Yields Make Wall St. Blush

25-to-1 return includes benefits 'that, literally, money can’t buy,' seed-seller says

(Newser) - With the economic outlook darkening, there’s still one good investment that will help you weather the downturn, George Ball writes in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: a garden. The “astonishing garden-grown return on investment is not modern-day speculative sleight-of-hand, but real, tangible and fungible,” the chairman of the Burpee... More »

Are Tomatoes From Local Farms Safer?

Mistakes can be made at any size operation, scientists warn

(Newser) - Salmonella-tainted tomatoes that sickened 228 people in 28 states may be a boon to the local-food movement, but Newsweek takes a look at whether "locavores" should be so smug. Equating smaller farms with safer practices—and long-distance shipping with more time for bacteria to infect food—more produce-lovers are... More »

Global Food Chain Ensures Ills Never Go Out of Season

Local sources look ever better considering price and risk, as tomatoes show

(Newser) - On the heels of a tomato scare, US consumers need to look closely at the risks and ever-rising costs of the global network that supplies produce no matter the season, Tim Rutten writes in the Los Angeles Times. "When one packer's tainted produce goes to three or four countries,... More »

Salty Ramsay Marinates in Hypocrisy

Push for local, seasonal food in UK restaurants has critics roasting TV chef

(Newser) - Borrowing some of Gordon Ramsay's favorite vulgarities, Rob Lyons lashes out at the famous chef's push for British restaurants to use seasonal, local foodstuffs. "There have been plenty of people lining up to point out the hypocrisy of Ramsay’s position," Lyons writes in spiked, pointing to observations... More »

Actually, It Is Easy Being Green

Environmental consciousness and convenience don't have to be opposites. Use these tips to green up your home.

(Newser) - So you're not ready to give up your car for a bicycle to help the Earth. LiveScience suggests 10 baby steps to going green that won't even cramp your style.
  1. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  2. Purchase Energy Star-rated appliances, electronics, and lighting.
  3. Instead of plastic bags, shop with a reusable
... More »

6 Stories