identity crisis

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Your Essence Is Rooted in Your Character, Not Intellect

Who we are may have more to do with what we stand for than what we know

(Newser) - In an attempt to begin to tackle the age-old question of what shapes one's identity, researchers at Duke and the University of Arizona surveyed the caregivers of those with different neurodegenerative diseases to see which ones seemed most likely to strip away the essence of a person. Reporting in... More »

Jackson Couldn't Face Man in the Mirror

He 'was most himself' when someone else

(Newser) - Michael Jackson was always trying to be somebody else: he "was most himself when he was someone other than himself,” writes Hilton Als in the New York Review of Books. The need to redefine himself emerged in his thirst for fame that would let him “wrest from... More »

No Terrorists at the Top of the Pops

Pakistani pop ballad deeper than it sounds, Salon 's Leonard says

(Newser) - A certain Pakistani pop song would be piffle if it were a love song, but it's not: it's an anti-terrorist ballad, an emblem of a “society-wide identity crisis,”  and as such it has meaning, writes Salon’s Andrew Leonard. Eight pop idols recorded the “We Are... More »

3 Stories