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Neighbors to Occupy: Lay Off the Drum Circles

Meanwhile, man arrested in death threats dustup

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street protesters earned a stamp of approval of sorts from the Financial District’s community board—on the condition they rein in their drumming and peeing. Lower Manhattan Community Board 1 passed a non-binding resolution recognizing the protesters’ right to occupy Zuccotti Park by a wide margin... More »

Cronkite: A Cool Drummer, Too

(Newser) - Yeah, he was the most trusted man in America and all that, but Boing Boing points out a different reason we're going to miss Walter Cronkite: The man had rhythm. "True fact, Walter Cronkite was a hot drummer," the site quotes John Perry Barlow, the Grateful Dead lyricist,... More »

Iconic Drum Machine Has Kanye's Number

(Newser) - Kanye West was just a toddler when Roland launched the TR-808 in 1980, but the drum machine has proven so influential that it figures in the title of the music titan's latest album, 808s and Heartbreak. "Today the 808 stands as hip-hop's answer to rock's Stratocaster—an iconic instrument... More »

Athletes Got Nothin' on Rock 'n Roll Drummers

Sports scientists say they're like Olympians

(Newser) - Sure, the lead singer gets all the attention, but how about a little respect for the drummer? Sports scientists are taking up the cause with a new study that says the rockers are as fit as Olympic athletes, the Times of London reports. The best of them lose 2 quarts... More »

Max Roach Dies at 83

Star percussionist redefined the genre - more than once

(Newser) - Max Roach, a drummer who moved to his own beat and became a seminal figure in modern jazz, died today at 83. Roach renovated his genre's traditional instrumentation, and pioneered a layered, contrapuntal style that became the trademark of contemporary percussion. Even his recent albums defied the conventions he helped... More »

5 Stories