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Firefighters Rescue 18 Piglets—Then Eat Them

The sausages were 'fantastic'

(Newser) - Back in February, British firefighters rescued 18 piglets and two sows from a burning barn where more than 60 tons of hay had caught fire. Almost exactly six months later, the Telegraph reports the firefighters reconnected with the pigs—in the form of sausages. After the two-week-old piglets were saved,... More »

Severed Pig's Head Dumped at Philly Mosque's Door

'Could the next thing be a pipe bomb?' local activist asks

(Newser) - An employee at a Philly mosque stumbled upon a gruesome discovery Monday morning: a severed pig's head lying near the building's front door, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Per USA Today , surveillance video shows a red pickup truck cruising slowly by the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society building Sunday night, then... More »

Senator Goes Whole Hog to Get Pig Selfie

Sen. Jeff Flake didn't want to miss photo op with Faye

(Newser) - Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake was on Capitol Hill this morning to eliminate some kinds of pork, but obviously not others. Joined by Sens. John McCain, Joni Ernst, Pat Toomey, and Rep. Tom McClintock, he held a press conference lambasting wasteful federal spending, with particular focus on the Citizens Against Government... More »

Veterinary First: Pig Treated for Lymphoma

730-pound Nemo's procedure a success

(Newser) - Experts are seeing a bright future for cancer treatment in big animals after a 730-pound pig was successfully treated for lymphoma, Reuters reports. When 4-year-old Nemo, a pet, was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, researchers at Cornell gave his owner a warning: They knew of no... More »

Women Tormented Ex With Pig's Head: Cops

Sisters, mother face harassment charges

(Newser) - Three Swedish women—two sisters and their mother—managed to scare the daylights out of 11 people with a disturbing roadside display: They put "parts of slaughtered animals" on dolls, a police spokesman says. "We had a slaughtered pig's head that was sitting on a doll in... More »

Chinese Firm Gobbles Up Top US Pork Company

These days, China demands meat

(Newser) - In the biggest acquisitions ever of a US company by a Chinese one, Shuanghui International Holdings has agreed to buy Smithfield Foods Inc, the world's largest producer of pork. It's a fascinating purchase, and not just because of its huge size and the involvement of bacon. The deal... More »

Rep. Peter King Sent Bloody Pig's Foot

...and rambling note

(Newser) - It's the modern-day version of the horse head in the bed: Rep. Peter King, he of the infamous Muslim radicalization hearings, was sent a bloody pig's foot, reports Luke Russert for MSNBC . It was accompanied by a note full of anti-Semitic language and a reference to King's controversial hearings. The... More »

Piggy Banks Made From Real Pigs Cause Ruckus

Humane Society in Canada is not amused

(Newser) - A website known for outrageous products has hit a nerve with its latest: a piggy bank made from an an actual piglet. The description of the item on TheCheeky.com notes that the "taxidermied" bank is made only from piglets that have died of natural causes. Nonetheless, it's a... More »

Pig Cook-Off Ends in Brawl, Head-Butting by Chef

Locavore takes issue with winning pork's provenance

(Newser) - It seems some chefs take the local food movement very seriously. After a dish made from an Iowa pig was given top honors in the prestigious Cochon 555 cook-off Sunday in Portland, hometown chef Eric Bechard confronted event organizer Brady Lowe about the provenance of the winning hog....at 2am,... More »

PETA to Jess: No Pet Pig for You!

Animal rights org not pleased with Simpson's pet plans

(Newser) - Hey, Jessica Simpson, didn’t you see what happened when Paris Hilton adopted a pet pig ? Or maybe "Chicken of the Sea" Simpson is indifferent about being on PETA’s bad side. The singer is considering replacing her departed dog with a pig and tweeted Monday, “Does... More »

Pork Is Natural Viagra: Argentine President

Cristina Kirchner describes 'impressive' pork-fueled weekend

(Newser) - Pork is no longer just the other white meat, but also the other blue pill, according to Argentina's president. That’s right: porcine meat is good for your libido. “Pork consumption improves sexual activity,” Cristina Kirchner said as she announced lower meat prices. “Some nicely grilled pork... More »

Paris to PETA: Pig Better Off With Me Than as Bacon

Hilton escalates feud, says she treats 'pets like children'

(Newser) - Paris Hilton is still squealing with excitement over her new miniature piglet—“It’s a girl!” she tells Us—but she’s not pleased with PETA, which called her a “wretched example” for treating her pets “as disposable.” Not true, the heiress says: “I... More »

PETA Peeved Over Paris' Pig

Hilton's latest accessory angers perpetually pissed animal rights organization

(Newser) - PETA has found a new poster child for its ire: Paris Hilton, who recently adopted a $4,500 miniature piglet. Despite naming the animal “Princess Piglette,” TMZ notes, PETA claims the "wretched example" treats her pets like “disposable accessories”—“as disposable as her friends,... More »

Bacon-Flavored Donuts? Fine. Vodka? Fine. But Coffee? No!

UK blogger marvels at Americans' love of pork

(Newser) - Bacon has been popping up everywhere, observes Hattie Garlick for the Times of London. Store shelves teem with chocolate-covered bacon, bacon-flavored vodka, and bacon-flavored donuts, but she almost couldn’t believe the latest culinary staple to get the pig treatment: coffee. “It's a beautiful marriage of two culinary powerhouses—... More »

Swine Flu Confirmed in UK

Pair brings disease home from a trip to Mexico

(Newser) - Two British citizens have contracted swine flu, the virus that has killed at least 149 people in Mexico and sickened 20 in the US, the Guardian reports. The pair returned from a trip to Mexico last week and fell ill, the Scottish health minister said today. Seven others who had... More »

Bizarre Swine Flu Strikes West

Newly detected swine flu virus may be spreading from person to person

(Newser) - Seven people in California and Texas have been struck by swine flu despite having no contact with pigs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Baffled investigators believe the unusual, newly detected form of the flu may be spreading from person to person. The symptoms are similar to standard influenza, leading officials... More »

'Better' Pork Carries Big Health Risks

Free-range pork may relieve your guilt, but bother your tummy

(Newser) - Free-range pork sounds better for everyone involved, especially the pig. But exposure to the outdoors means exposure to dangerous pathogens, from salmonella to toxoplasmosis to the deadly parasite trichinosis, writes James McWilliams for the New York Times. "Free range is like piggy day care, a thoughtfully arranged system designed... More »

Critics Beef About Pig Explosions in US Army Tests

Campaigners question need to test body armor by blowing up pigs in Humvees

(Newser) - Animal rights activists have condemned the US military for blowing up live pigs to test body armor, USA Today reports. Military officials say the tests provided valuable information on the relationship between body armor and brain injury. But critics say the pig-blasting program caused unnecessary animal suffering for questionable results.... More »

HBO Cruelty Doc Makes Pork Industry Squeamish

(Newser) - A documentary on animal cruelty at an Ohio hog farm has the pork industry considering how to better represent its “commitment to animal care,” Reuters reports. The footage in Death on a Factory Farm, taken secretly, led to animal-cruelty prosecutions, though the charged workers were acquitted. HBO airs... More »

Even Planes Are Greener Than This Guy

Rising meat consumption key concern at environment conference

(Newser) - This week ministers from 187 nations are gathering in Poland to discuss a new treaty on global warming, and one of the central issues will be not belching smokestacks but cows, pigs, and chickens. Rising global living standards have led to soaring meat consumption; emissions from livestock now generate 18%... More »

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