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Experts: Don't Blame Pigs for Swine Flu

H1N1 virus likely arose among jet-setting humans

(Newser) - The humble porker shouldn't be the one taking the blame for the H1N1 virus, scientists tell the Los Angeles Times. Pigs provided some of the raw material for the virus, experts say, but so did birds and humans. The most likely incubators and spreaders of the virus, according to scientists,... More »

Flu's 'Ground Zero' May Be Mexican 5-Year-Old

4-year-old boy survived flu in village near huge pig farm

(Newser) - Mexican authorities have tracked the first known case of a mutant strain of swine flu to a boy in a village near a huge pig farm, the Guardian reports. Edgar Hernandez, 4, survived the outbreak of illness in the eastern Mexico village of La Gloria in February, but two babies... More »

Mexican Swine Flu Outbreak Kills 60

WHO officials link 'novel' strain to 7 non-lethal cases in US

(Newser) - An outbreak of swine flu in Mexico has left 60 people dead and hundreds of others infected, the BBC reports. The World Health Organization says the strain that killed at least 12 of the victims has the same genetic structure of the flu that sickened seven people in Texas and... More »

Bizarre Swine Flu Strikes West

Newly detected swine flu virus may be spreading from person to person

(Newser) - Seven people in California and Texas have been struck by swine flu despite having no contact with pigs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Baffled investigators believe the unusual, newly detected form of the flu may be spreading from person to person. The symptoms are similar to standard influenza, leading officials... More »

Critics Beef About Pig Explosions in US Army Tests

Campaigners question need to test body armor by blowing up pigs in Humvees

(Newser) - Animal rights activists have condemned the US military for blowing up live pigs to test body armor, USA Today reports. Military officials say the tests provided valuable information on the relationship between body armor and brain injury. But critics say the pig-blasting program caused unnecessary animal suffering for questionable results.... More »

Hunters Battle Invasion of Hungry Hogs

Tough, wily, feral swine are spreading fast through the US

(Newser) - Hog hunters are finding their services in demand as the wild beasts spread across the country, reports the New York Times. The porkers—descendants of pigs brought by Spanish explorers, escaped swine from farms, and wild boar released by hunters—weigh up to 400 pounds and cause around $800 million... More »

Deadly Swine Disease Sweeps China

Virus sparks fears of global threat

(Newser) - A virulent strain of deadly swine disease is sweeping through Chinese livestock, triggering a pork shortage, rampant inflation and worldwide worries about where the virus will appear next, the New York Times reports. China, one the world's biggest hog exporters, is refusing to cooperate with international health organizations and may... More »

7 Stories