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It's Time to Forgive Kennedy for Chappaquiddick: Globe

Senator's remorse was real and his good works atoned for inexcusable behavior

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy's behavior after the Chappaquiddick crash was inexcusable, but it's time to accept his atonement, the Boston Globe writes in an editorial a week after the senator's death. Kennedy's remorse was genuine, as shown by his actions toward the end of his life and his words in an upcoming... More »

The Less You Suffer, the More You Buy

A study of impulsive buyers tracks the half-life of guilt

(Newser) - Everyone feels guilt—it's how long the guilt lasts that differentiates the impulse buyer—and the binge drinker, and the scarfer of a dozen chocolate truffles—from his or her more prudent counterparts. Time reports on a study of college students that discovered that for the former, guilt lasted half... More »

2 Stories