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Hulu, Netflix Launch Original Programs

Both Battleground and Lilyhammer get mixed reviews, as streaming services branch out

(Newser) - Online streaming sites Hulu and Netflix both launched original series this week, as both services take baby steps toward competing with regular television, reports Gigaom . A look at each:
  • Hulu's Battleground is the more conventional of the two, a 13-episode comedy about a Senate campaign in Wisconsin that started
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Springsteen Makes 'Magic' Again

First album in five years due October 2

(Newser) - Bruce Springsteen will release "Magic"—his first album with his iconic E Street Band in half a decade—on October 2. The 11-track album is produced by Brendan O'Brien, who also produced the Grammy-winning "The Rising," the last Springsteen/E Street collaboration. More »

2 Stories