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Watching TV After Work Makes You Feel Like a Loser

Winding down in front of the boob tube can cause high levels of guilt, scientists say

(Newser) - It seems natural to reach for the remote to take a breather after a taxing day of conference calls and TPS reports , but a new study warns that especially work-weary folks who flick on the TV or play video games may feel incredibly guilty and like failures afterward, reports the... More »

Rocker's New Project: Music for Your Lonely Dog

Andrew Dost of fun. scores relaxation number for DogTV

(Newser) - Score one for the dogs. DogTV , the nascent television network for dogs , asked Grammy-winning musician Andrew Dost of the pop-rock band fun. to write some psychoacoustic music. The unnamed result, nearly four minutes of harp, piano, and repetitive electronic undertones, debuted Monday during a relaxation segment. "I approached this... More »

Chill! You'll Get Way More Done

Human-energy expert urges us to relax and get some sleep

(Newser) - Wake up tired, scroll through email, wolf down whatever, rush to work, and scramble to keep up—and that's just your morning. Sound familiar? A man who has built a business around telling people to relax makes his case in the New York Times : "Paradoxically, the best way... More »

Forcing a Smile Helps You Relax

New study finds that it can decrease stress

(Newser) - Stressed? Try forcing a smile. It may seem weird, but a new study finds that it could actually help you relax, the Atlantic reports. Researchers, using chopsticks, manipulated the faces of 169 participants into either a neutral expression, a standard smile (only affects muscles around the mouth), or a Duchenne... More »

And the Least-Stressed US State Is...

Hawaii, Wyoming top list

(Newser) - America is about as stressed as it was last year, a recent poll finds: Some 39.4% of 352,840 respondents called themselves stressed “a lot of the day,” compared to 39.9% last year. The year before was just a little more relaxed, with 38.8% saying... More »

'Relaxation' Sodas Promise to 'Slow Your Roll'

(Newser) - In the boom times, people quaffed energy drinks and the industry bloomed to its current $896 million in sales. Naturally, the Washington Post reports, the recession has produced a new star: “relaxation beverages.” Loaded with a somewhat questionable “calming” ingredient also in green tea, the drinks are... More »

How Does Diddy Chill Out After a Long Day?

Hint: It involves his posterior

(Newser) - When you've got as much on your plate as rapper/fashion designer/actor/producer/entrepreneur Diddy, you've got to find a way to relax. Other high-profile celebs advocate techniques ranging from yoga to meditation and beyond, but Diddy opts for rear rubs, the Mirror reports. The renaissance man told E!, "Most people get... More »

Om My! Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure

Study shows daily time-out may reduce medication needs

(Newser) - An Om a day might just keep the blood pressure medication away, reports NPR. Daily meditation helped lower the blood pressure in two-thirds of patients in a recent study who were striking out on the medication front. Participants used the “relaxation response” technique, of sitting quietly for 15 minutes... More »

Group Backs Preflight Toke

Allowing weed at airport would chill 'air rage,' pro-marijuana org in Denver says

(Newser) - Denver has a pretty lax marijuana policy (small amounts are legal) and pro-pot advocates are wondering whether, after a recent rash of "air rage" incidents, such permissiveness shouldn’t extend to the city airport’s smoking lounge, CW2 News reports. “This madness has got to stop,” said... More »

9 Best Places to Spoil Yourself

Forget that city stress—these getaway spas will have you relaxing in no time

(Newser) - The nine most delicious getaway spa experiences, from the readers of Condé Nast Traveler.
  1. Mayflower Inn & Spa, Washington, Conn.
  2. Lake Austin Spa Resort, Austin, Texas
  3. Cal-A-Vie: Vista, Calif.
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