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School Officer Who Slammed Girl Learns His Fate

Officer Joshua Kehm told of school's decision

(Newser) - A San Antonio school officer caught on tape body-slamming a middle-school student was fired Monday by the district, which says the officer's misstatements about what happened were revealed by the video. Officer Joshua Kehm's statements on the March incident were "inconsistent" with the video and his response... More »

Stolen RAF Files on Drug Use, Sex Spark Blackmail Fears

Data bares UK officers' foibles

(Newser) - Top British military officials are at risk of blackmail after three Royal Air Force hard drives containing revealing vetting details were stolen, the Daily Mail reports. Files on the drives told of “criminal investigations, drug abuse, use of prostitutes, and extra-marital affairs,” said a Ministry of Defense memo.... More »

Mass Grave Found in Bangladesh Mutiny

At least 60 killed in border guards' rebellion

(Newser) - Bangladeshi troops have discovered a mass grave in the capital after a border guard mutiny shook the country, the BBC reports. The grave contained the bodies of between 20 and 60 officers in what began as a spat over pay and conditions and has now claimed at least 60 lives.... More »

Rebel Troops in Bangladeshi Capital Surrender

(Newser) - Mutinous border guards in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka laid down their weapons today, ending the uprising that started yesterday and claimed at least 20 lives, the BBC reports. “All the rebel troops have surrendered with their arms,” a government spokesman said, and urged rebels outside the capital... More »

Who Are You Calling 'Devil Dog'?

Marines now balk at WWI nickname once used with pride

(Newser) - Once used with pride, the Marines moniker "Devil Dog" now has a nasty bite to it, the Marine Corps Times reports. Young Marines recoil at the term that troops earned by fighting off Germans in a bloody World War I battle. They say it reminds them of angry COs:... More »

Shortage of Officers Plagues Shipping

Dearth of experienced mariners may spell future disasters

(Newser) - A blunder that dumped 58,000 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay last week has drawn attention to a worldwide shortage of experienced mariners—and the resulting potential for future disasters. The number of ships is increasing as global trade booms, reports the Christian Science Monitor, but the current... More »

Got a Record? No Problem

US military wants to ease entry, but some officers worry about 'problem children'

(Newser) - Seeking to swell enlisted ranks, the Pentagon may let more minor criminals enlist in the military, the AP reports. "I do believe it needs to be done," an Army official said of the proposed plan. "There are really anomalies out there"—like recruits who have youthful... More »

8 Traffic-Ticket Myths

(Newser) - Everyone has a story about ducking a ticket. investigates what's true and what's unfounded optimism:
  1. Mistakes on the ticket will only win the case if they involve the where and how of the ticket or the car description.
  2. If the officer doesn't show, you don't automatically win.
  3. Red
... More »

New Focus of Airport Safety: Your Smile

Officers watch passengers' facial expressions in new security program

(Newser) - Put on a brave face the next time you're at the airport; your expression might be under scrutiny. New security programs at more than a dozen airports are using undercover personnel who watch passengers' faces for indications of criminality. When trying to deceive others, a criminal still exhibits flashes of... More »

9 Stories