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Secret Ingredient Used in China's Restaurants: Drugs

Country's FDA going after eateries it says use opium poppy powder as seasoning

(Newser) - If repasts at restaurants in China have seemed especially delectable (and irresistible) as of late, it may be because workers were sprinkling addictive opiates into the mix. That's what that country's equivalent of the FDA alleges, and now five restaurants are being prosecuted, while 30 others are getting... More »

London Mom Sues NYC After Baby Put in Foster Care

UK cop allegedly left her infant alone twice in hotel

(Newser) - A London police officer and single mother is suing every agency involved in placing her baby in foster care during a visit to New York in April. Louise Fielden was arrested at the Chelsea Highline Hotel for leaving her son, Samuel, who was younger than six months at the time,... More »

Flesh-Rotting Russian Drug Surfaces in US

Two cases of Krokodil use found in Arizona

(Newser) - A new street drug has come to America, but we're going to go ahead and predict it's not going to be the next big thing. The Banner Poison Control Center in Arizona says it's had two reports of Krokodil use, the first known reports of the drug... More »

World's Most Popular Drug: Pot

But painkillers behind most deaths

(Newser) - Researchers have, for the first time, conducted a worldwide survey on illegal drug use, and they learned that the most popular one on the planet is marijuana. But the drugs that are killing the most people are strong painkillers, Vicodin, OxyContin, and codeine among them, the AP reports, as per... More »

Moms Warned of Codeine Risk in Breast Milk

FDA: Watch out for signs of overdose in babies

(Newser) - The Federal Food and Drug Administration has warned nursing mothers using codeine to be on the lookout for any signs of unusual drowsiness in their babies. A significant number of women have a gene that can concentrate high levels of the painkiller in their breast milk. Last year, a Canadian... More »

5 Stories