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They Were Treated for a Parasite. Then Their Butts Were Everywhere

'BMJ' withdraws journal article after embarrassed patients complain about the exposure

(Newser) - After suffering painful red rashes on their backsides, a husband and wife were left red in the face—so much so that a case study of their ordeal has now been pulled from the prestigious British Medical Journal. As BMJ tells the Washington Post , the British pair whose bottoms became... More »

Why Haiti Is So Poor

Early break with France, ruinous Duvaliers among theories

(Newser) - With bad news still pouring in from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Tyler Cowen pulls together some hypotheses on why the nation is so poor (noting that he doesn’t endorse all):
  • Haiti gained independence from France too soon, in the early 1800s. Caribbean neighbors Guadeloupe and Martinique waited, and get a good
... More »

Dean Could Become Category 5

Storm tears across Caribbean, homes in on Jamaica, Mexico

(Newser) - Hurricane Dean is now expected to strengthen into a Category 5 as it barrels toward Jamaica and Mexico. Forecasters say Dean, powered by 150-mph winds, will hit the Dominican Republic and Haiti today, after ploughing through homes and banana plantations on St. Lucia and Martinique yesterday. More »

Hurricane Dean Threatens Caribbean, Keeps Growing

Storm heads through Caribbean, may hit U.S

(Newser) - Hurricane Dean is ripping through the eastern Caribbean, strengthening as it goes. The Atlantic's first hurricane of the year is passing between St. Lucia and Martinique, where residents have boarded up windows and stocked up on supplies. Next on Dean's agenda: Jamaica, and possibly Texas. More »

4 Stories