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John Glenn Was a Hero to US, but His Hero Was His Wife

Annie Glenn suffered for years with stuttering disability until she overcame it

(Newser) - American lost a space pioneer this week with the death of ex-astronaut and Sen. John Glenn at age 95, but Annie Glenn, John's wife, lost a husband of 73 years. The Washington Post tells the story of what many saw as an "odd coupling": While John was gregarious... More »

Professor: I Didn't 'Silence' Stuttering Student

Student has accused her of discrimination

(Newser) - Elizabeth Snyder says she did nothing wrong by refusing to call on a stuttering student, calling herself the “victim of a character assassination.” Snyder, a professor at a New Jersey community college, tells the New York Times that she’s “gotten the most hateful, vile, vicious emails”... More »

Obama's Brain Too Fast for His Mouth

He has an 'intellectual stammer': Meghan Daum

(Newser) - President Obama's tendency to sputter a bit and drop in "uhs" during his speeches has some critics arguing that he's inarticulate. Not so, writes Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times . "It's not that Obama can't speak clearly. It's that he employs the... More »

Stuttering Is in the Genes

It's physical, not psychological: researcher

(Newser) - Stuttering has long been considered a psychological issue, something born of anxiety or trauma—but new research suggests it’s in the genes, the Telegraph reports. “The brain actually looks different in people who stutter compared with those that don’t,” says a scientist. Certain gene variations often... More »

Stuttering Genes Found

Breakthrough could help at-risk children get earlier treatment

(Newser) - Scientists have long known that stuttering runs in families, and now they may have found out why: Researchers uncovered three gene mutations linked to the disrupted flow of speech, potentially solving a centuries-old mystery and moving closer to offering hope of new treatments for the 1% of adults who suffer... More »

Victims of Stuttering Study Get $1M Each

Orphans harassed in 1939 'Monster Study'

(Newser) - Five orphans who suffered months of harassment in a stuttering study have been awarded almost $1 million each, the BBC reports. Dubbed “The Monster Study,” it involved Iowa University researchers harassing children to make them develop speech impediments in 1939. None became stutterers, but they filed suit a... More »

6 Stories