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With 66% Opposed, Norway Starts Killing FM Radio

Digital radio costs the same, can host more channels

(Newser) - Norway is entering the history books with a radio-related first: The country is shutting down its FM radio network in favor of digital-only transmissions, reports the Local . The country will begin cutting its FM network on Wednesday, starting with the northern city of Bodo, before moving south. All five national... More »

Norway to Ditch FM Radio in 2017

Country to drop traditional signal in favor of Digital Audio Broadcasting

(Newser) - The death knell of FM radio has sounded in Norway, but fortunately for listeners, that doesn't mean radio is going away. Instead, Norway is shifting to Digital Audio Broadcasting, a system already used by half the country, Ars Technica reports. The country is the world's first "to... More »

Moscow Boots BBC from Airwaves

Denies any connection with ongoing British diplomatic salvo

(Newser) - Moscow thrust the BBC into the geopolitical limelight yesterday by axing its radio service from Russian airwaves. Media pundits are blaming the decision on rising anger between Moscow and Britain as the head of Russia's BBC called the radio silence “highly irregular and extremely disappointing.” But a Russian... More »

3 Stories