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Kids Caught Playing 'Rape Tag' at School

Minnesota principal ordered teachers to put an end to game

(Newser) - Shocked officials in Minnesota have stepped in to stop disturbing games of "rape tag" on an elementary school playground in New Ulm. The game operated like freeze tag, but before a target could become "unfrozen" another player would have to rub up against them in a way simulating... More »

Dozens of Chinese Kids Injured in Recess Stampede

Children tumble down stairs, others rush over them

(Newser) - Dozens of elementary schoolkids were injured in western China when classes stampeded to a playground at recess. Students were racing down a stairwell at the school in Aksu city when some of them fell and the rest rushed over them to get outside, officials told AP . No deaths were reported... More »

Now, Even Recess Gets a Teacher

'Recess coaches' straighten out America's schoolyards

(Newser) - In a bid to prevent bullying, foster social skills, and fight obesity, schools across the country are reining in recess. At one Newark school, that meant hiring a "recess coach" to lead games and watch out for wallflowers. "Coach Brandi does miracles with 20 cones and three handballs,... More »

This Is 'Playing.' This Is 'Outside.'

Backlash against oversheltering kids gains some traction

(Newser) - Using the flap over a New York 9-year-old allowed to find his own way home from Bloomingdale's as an example of a sea change, Rosa Brooks, writing in the Los Angeles Times, reminds us that allowing children to be outside on their own used to be the norm. "'Play,... More »

Four Square Gets Serious in Silicon Valley

Playground game is the latest sport adopted by 'rejuveniles'

(Newser) - The latest craze to take root in Silicon Valley doesn’t involve codes or algorithms, just squares. That is, four squares, taped onto a carpet, or painted onto asphalt, for the classic elementary school game of four square. The game requires four players to hit a rubber ball back and... More »

5 Stories