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Airline Sued for Giving Man Bubbly That Wasn't Champagne

Daniel Macduff says he didn't get a 'champagne vacation'

(Newser) - If you think all bubbly booze is champagne, Daniel Macduff can set you straight. The Canadian has launched a class-action suit against Sunwing Airlines after he says he expected to be served champagne—which by definition must hail from the Champagne region of France—on his February flight to Cuba... More »

Ivanka's Brand Gets Frosty Reception for Popsicle Tweet

IvankaTrumpHQ suggests ill-received champagne popsicles for Memorial Day

(Newser) - Instead of honoring America's fallen war veterans, Ivanka Trump's lifestyle brand suggested that Memorial Day is a perfect time to make popsicles—and is taking no small amount of flak for it. CNN reports the backlash was "icy" after IvankaTrumpHQ tweeted a tip to "Make champagne... More »

NSFW Ad for $100M Home Stars Gold- Coated Women

Beverly Hills residence has champagne vault, car museum, and a really weird sales video

(Newser) - "Come for the sale ... Stay for the sexy fantasy chicks!" That's the way TMZ plugs a bizarre video trying to sell what's being touted as Beverly Hills' most expensive home: a $100 million retreat called Opus, the brainchild of film producer Nile Niami, per People . The... More »

Inside Jay Z's $300-a-Bottle Champagne Company

Armand de Brignac sells the 'Ace of Spades' bubbly he loves

(Newser) - Multiple outlets are reporting that Jay Z recently bought the Armand de Brignac champagne company, maker of his flashy favorite drink—you might recognize the shiny gold bottles of its $300-a-pop champagne from the rapper's "Show Me What You Got" music video . But the real story is a... More »

Champagne Sales Point to Gloomy 2012

Europe isn't snapping up the bubbly like it used to

(Newser) - Whether it's a stand-in for Europe's spirits or its wallets, the message is the same: It's been a rather gloomy 2012, at least according to Champagne sales, with shipments of the bubbly down 5% in the first three quarters. And though a holiday bump will occur per... More »

France's Champagne Harvest Is Worst in 40 Years

But this year's bubbly won't be affected

(Newser) - Wet weather and hailstorms combined to make this year's Champagne harvest—the real capital C stuff from France—the worst in 40 years, reports BloombergBusinessweek . Damaged vineyards in the Champagne region yielded 40% fewer grapes this year, says an industry spokesman in Paris. The only good news is that... More »

In Florida, Get Limo Rides, Botox, Booze at ... Dentist

Or get a massage with your teeth cleaning

(Newser) - Who said going to the dentist had to be boring and/or terrifying? A dental office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has turned getting your teeth inspected into a luxurious event, complete with champagne, massages, and a personal concierge who will make you limo and dinner reservations, reports the Sun Sentinel . Dr.... More »

Mystery Drinker's Bar Tab: $105K

Mystery customer racks up birthday bash bill in Dubai

(Newser) - A jug of wine, a $105,000 bar tab, and thou. That could have been the bar manager's sweet ode to a mystery customer who paid the mammoth single-visit bar tab without blinking an eye. The tab—which included, among other goodies , a $35,000 six-liter bottle of Cristal... More »

Beer Drinkers Don't Get Big Bellies, and Other Myths

Plus a few truths...

(Newser) - You probably memorized many of these drinking tips before you could legally drink. Thing is, a number of them are false. In an article excerpted from New Scientist, the Washington Post busts a few myths ... and confirms a few others. Things that just aren't true:
  • Coffee sobers you up: Caffeine
... More »

Cork Popped on World's Oldest Champagne

Bottles of 200-year-old bubbly found in shipwreck

(Newser) - How does champagne taste after spending around 200 years at the bottom of the sea? “The flavors that came to my mind were yeast, honey and—dare I say—a hint of manure,” writes Louise Nordstrom of the AP , one of 20 people invited to taste two of... More »

Champagne Spill Lands Peace Prize Supporter in Jail

Hong Kong woman arrested for accidental splash at Nobel celebration

(Newser) - A woman was arrested in Hong Kong yesterday for accidentally splashing a guard while she commemorated Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Peace Prize win with some bubbly. Ip Ho-yee, 22, was celebrating outside China's main government office in Hong Kong when her celebratory champagne splashed an unsuspecting guard. "It was a... More »

How to Pour Champagne

Tilt the glass, as if you were pouring a beer

(Newser) - For the best-tasting bubbly, pour your champagne into a tilted glass. So says a team of French scientists, who claim that the traditional straight pour allows too many gas bubbles to escape. It's those bubbles that give champagne its taste and aroma, explains the AP . Also, a cold bottle helps.... More »

Divers Find Oldest Drinkable Champagne in Baltic Wreck

Likely from the 1780s, the 30-some bottles could fetch $68K each

(Newser) - Now that's some vintage bubbly. Divers have discovered what is thought to be the world's oldest drinkable champagne in a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea, one of the finders said Saturday. They sampled the one bottle—believed to be from the 1780s—they've brought up so far before they even... More »

Beer Cocktails? Cheers!

Porters, ales, stouts, pilsners all OK with a little mixing

(Newser) - The week of St. Patrick’s Day is always big on the drinking front, and perhaps you’re ready for something other than plain old beer. Esquire suggests some beer-based cocktails:
  • Porteree: Take a quarter-pint of porter, add superfine sugar, then fill with ice before topping off with more porter.
... More »

Champagne Arrives in Mail, 24 Years Late

Father's birthday gift comes a quarter-century after it's mailed

(Newser) - Frank Digoria thought his dad was "flipping out" when he received a bottle of champagne in the mail from him in January. Not only was his birthday a month past, but the card from Frank Sr. also mentioned a now-deceased wife. Turns out, Frank Sr. sent the bottle in... More »

Bubbly Really Is All About the Bubbles

Fizzy bits hold up to 30 times the flavor as rest of drink, study finds

(Newser) - It turns out the bubbles are indeed the most important part of “the bubbly.” According to a new study, most of a champagne’s flavor comes from its bubbles, which contain up to 30 times more flavorful chemicals than the rest of the drink. It’s a watershed... More »

Multifaceted Chardonnay a Welcome Surprise

Price does matter, but it's possible to find exciting varieties

(Newser) - Chardonnay is ubiquitous, but the “countless weak versions,” especially in the $10 category, disappoint wine lovers, writes Eric Arnold in Forbes. Nevertheless, Americans gulped down about 60 million 9-liter cases in 2008. If you’re willing to beef up your budget and experiment a bit, you may be... More »

Sex Would Lift Flaccid Space Travel: Expert

Hanky panky, champagne would boost funding: historian

(Newser) - Why should flight attendants have all the fun? A respected NASA historian is proposing that astronauts too should join the mile-high club, Bloomberg reports. “Sex in space, now there’s an experiment scientists certainly want to conduct,” James Hansen declared in a lecture at the 100th Paris Air... More »

Mais Non! French Ditch the Champagne Cork

Don't fret: new metal cork will still create pop and fizz

(Newser) - Fed up with imperfect corks tainting its high-end Champagne, one French winemaker is tossing tradition aside in favor of a—gasp!—aluminum cork. BBC reports. Before you faint in horror, Duval-Leroy stresses that this is no screw-top cap: the new plug will make the same pop and spray a... More »

Budget Bubbles for New Year's

Quality rivals mean champagne prices shouldn't take the bubbles out of festive drinking

(Newser) - Champagne may feel like a vestige of a world without a credit crisis, but there's no need to go without bubbly on New Year's Eve. Slate offers some moderately priced options:
  • Cava is Spain's answer to champagne, made by the same method. A thrifty seeker of festive spirits can pick
... More »

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