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What Our Gums Say About Our Overall Health

Having all our teeth is a very good sign

(Newser) - Don't think your oral health is as important as the health of the rest of your body? Think again. Researchers have turned to 57,000 women over age 55 in the Women's Health Initiative program to conduct the largest study of its kind on the relationship between oral... More »

As Mammograms Go Digital, Docs Call More Women Back

Imaging changes prompt cancer concerns as experts learn the ropes

(Newser) - As more radiologists switch from film to digital mammogram imaging, they must learn new interpretation techniques—and that means more healthy women face a dreaded recall for further testing, the New York Times reports. During the changeover, “there’s an increase in the rate of things you think are... More »

Pentagon Delayed Brain Scans for Returning Troops

Brass feared troops would blame health woes on TBI

(Newser) - Seeking to duck controversy, the Pentagon did not screen returning US troops for brain injuries for more than 2 years. Top brass feared that soldiers would blame minor health woes on brain trauma—which could spark another Gulf War Syndrome, Air Force Col. Kenneth Cox told USA Today. But one... More »

Kids Get Graded on Obesity

Though Controversial, BMI Screenings for Children Increasingly Common

(Newser) - School nurses in six states are now sending out "obesity report cards,"  giving parents the results of mandatory Body Mass Index screenings of their children. With the number of overweight kids quadrupling over the last 40 years, advocates aim to detect health issues early. But not all... More »

4 Stories