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Teen Crushed, Killed While Lifting Weights

Gym rules say kids are supposed to be accompanied by an adult

(Newser) - An Australian teen who was crushed while lifting weights has died, the BBC reports. Ben Shaw, 15, was bench-pressing about 215 pounds at a Brisbane gym last Tuesday when the bar he was pumping slipped, pinning him and crushing his neck. The critically injured teen was rushed to a children'... More »

Pacquiao Stripped of Title in a Stunner

WBO fight goes to the end, Australian Jeff Horn gets unanimous decision

(Newser) - It went all the way and ended in a contentiously bitter loss, the opposite of the outcome Manny Pacquiao's handlers predicted for his WBO welterweight world title fight against Jeff Horn. Pacquiao's long-time trainer Freddie Roach tipped a "short and sweet" knockout win for the 11-time world... More »

Toad-Hunting Boy Hit by Golf Club, Killed

The 13-year-old immediately went into cardiac arrest

(Newser) - The poisonous cane toad has plagued Australia for the past several years, and while authorities recommend getting rid of the pests as humanely as possibly, i.e. by placing them in refrigerators and then freezers, kids sometimes go hunting for them with golf clubs. Such was the context when tragedy... More »

Cops Find Baby Koala in Woman's Backpack

Alfred will now get a proper home

(Newser) - A woman was arrested "on outstanding matters" during a traffic stop in Brisbane on Sunday with a rather cute companion. Asked if she had anything to declare, the 50-year-old woman handed officers a canvas backpack, claiming a baby koala was inside, reports the BBC . "Not quite believing their... More »

Aussie Horror: Driver Mows Down 17 Kangaroos

Authorities say tire tracks show it was deliberate

(Newser) - A strip of Australian highway was left strewn with injured and dead kangaroos Monday morning, and animal welfare officials are trying to find out who they say ran them down intentionally, the Guardian reports. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says a driver outside Brisbane purposely... More »

Huge Hailstones Trash Aussie City

Brisbane hit by biggest storm in decades

(Newser) - Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city, was lashed by its worst storm in decades yesterday, with wind, rain, and hail lifting roofs, cutting power lines, flooding streets, and injuring a dozen people, officials say. The storm struck late in the afternoon, trapping commuters for hours in stalled electric trains and cutting... More »

Australia Rattled by Highly Gruesome Murder-Suicide

Chef reportedly murdered transgender mate, cooked her, then committed suicide

(Newser) - Residents of a suburban apartment complex in Brisbane, Australia, had recently complained of the foul smell of "rotting meat" or "dog food" emanating throughout the building, but no one suspected what was apparently causing the odor: the boiling remains of a woman reportedly murdered by her chef lover.... More »

Australia Man Greets Queen by Mooning Her

...and there was a flag involved

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth saw more of Australia than she bargained for during her visit to Brisbane today. A construction worker gave the queen and her husband a long look at his rear end—which held an Australian flag between the cheeks—as he reportedly ran beside her motorcade for about 150... More »

Australian Boy, 13, Sacrifices Life for Brother in Floods

Death toll is at 25 as waters begin to recede

(Newser) - With floodwaters starting to recede, the toll in Australia is at 25 and expected to climb given the dozens of people still missing, reports the AP . As the state's premier put it: "Queensland is reeling this morning from the worst natural disaster in our history and possibly in the... More »

Thousands Flee, 43 Missing as Brisbane Floods

Panic reigns as people hoard food

(Newser) - Australia’s vast floods shut down the center of Brisbane today, sending thousands fleeing and others to stores in a panicked rush of food hoarding. Rescuers, meanwhile, combed the area for 43 people who have gone missing. Brisbane is the country’s third-largest city, home to 2 million people. Floodwaters... More »

Australian Floods Reach Catastrophic Levels

Brisbane river breaks its banks

(Newser) - The floods that have ravaged huge areas of the Australian state of Queensland show no signs of abating, with the state capital Brisbane now under serious threat. ABC Australia reports that the town of Toowoomba, 70 miles west of the capital, was inundated with rain Monday, with the deluge so... More »

Horny Lesbian Koalas Upstage Andy Roddick

Marsupial web sensations sneak into tennis star's TV appearance

(Newser) - The week's hot viral video is an interview with tennis star Andy Roddick in which the background activity becomes so compelling that it quickly turns into a video of the tennis star's left shoulder. Yes, those are koalas, getting busy in a tree. The video was a sensation—Roddick, not... More »

Camel Kills Owner in Apparent Mating Attempt

60-year-old woman had love for exotic animals

(Newser) - A pet camel killed its Australian owner—purportedly after trying to mate with her. The camel, 10 months old but already weighing in at about 330 pounds, knocked the 60-year-old woman to the ground and lay on top of her. “I’d say it’s probably been playing, or... More »

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