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5 Countries May Make Seniors Go Back to School

To keep their skills current and the Nordic region a major player in global arena

(Newser) - A recently published 36-page report outlining proposals to improve working life in the five Nordic countries—Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway—has a proposal that Quartz says contains a "startling" word: "mandatory." Poul Nielson, a Danish politician given the task last year of preparing a labor... More »

Colleges Launch Midnight Classes

Oversubscribed schools aim to accommodate unusual schedules

(Newser) - College students are famous for burning the midnight oil; now, professors are joining them. A "handful of colleges" throughout the US are offering late-night classes for their students—particularly those with kids or late shifts at work, USA Today reports. Leading the way are community colleges where enrollment is... More »

School Offers Slot Machine Repair Course

Envisions bright future for graduates

(Newser) - A Florida vocational school is helping students hit the jackpot in the lucrative world of slot machine repair. The Sheridan Technical Center recently became the first school to offer a state-approved slot repair course, the Miami Herald reports. The inaugural class of 25 students is already underway. “We try... More »

NFL Sends Players to Millionaires' School

Non-stars prep for second careers

(Newser) - The average NFL player leaves football after 4 years. That’s enough time to make decent money—the average annual salary is about $1.7 million—but not enough to learn how to use it. So the NFL is helping out its 20-something millionaires by sending the best and brightest... More »

Prof Grapples With Fate: Teaching Dolts

'I am the man who has to lower the hammer,' he admits

(Newser) - An English professor at a small US college admits that half his job is killing students' dreams—dreams that they can write, think, or even form a sentence, he writes anonymously in the Atlantic. Yet more American jobs require college credits, and his role is to force Joyce and Faulkner... More »

Catch the Brain Wave of the Future

Smarten up with the top destinations for online learning

(Newser) - With more and more online courses available, it's possible to learn anything, anywhere. Popular Science digs up the best continuing-ed choices : University extension programs:
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development
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6 Stories