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New Millennial Trend: Adulting Classes

'Let's get these people together so they can learn this stuff'

(Newser) - Know how to fold sheets? Change a tire? Cook dinner? Balance your budget? What sound like basic life skills to some may actually be novelties to others, who for whatever reason didn't learn certain tasks generally associated with adulthood. And yes, now there are "adulting" classes and meet-ups... More »

5 Countries May Make Seniors Go Back to School

To keep their skills current and the Nordic region a major player in global arena

(Newser) - A recently published 36-page report outlining proposals to improve working life in the five Nordic countries—Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, and Norway—has a proposal that Quartz says contains a "startling" word: "mandatory." Poul Nielson, a Danish politician given the task last year of preparing a labor... More »

Colleges Launch Midnight Classes

Oversubscribed schools aim to accommodate unusual schedules

(Newser) - College students are famous for burning the midnight oil; now, professors are joining them. A "handful of colleges" throughout the US are offering late-night classes for their students—particularly those with kids or late shifts at work, USA Today reports. Leading the way are community colleges where enrollment is... More »

School Offers Slot Machine Repair Course

Envisions bright future for graduates

(Newser) - A Florida vocational school is helping students hit the jackpot in the lucrative world of slot machine repair. The Sheridan Technical Center recently became the first school to offer a state-approved slot repair course, the Miami Herald reports. The inaugural class of 25 students is already underway. “We try... More »

NFL Sends Players to Millionaires' School

Non-stars prep for second careers

(Newser) - The average NFL player leaves football after 4 years. That’s enough time to make decent money—the average annual salary is about $1.7 million—but not enough to learn how to use it. So the NFL is helping out its 20-something millionaires by sending the best and brightest... More »

Prof Grapples With Fate: Teaching Dolts

'I am the man who has to lower the hammer,' he admits

(Newser) - An English professor at a small US college admits that half his job is killing students' dreams—dreams that they can write, think, or even form a sentence, he writes anonymously in the Atlantic. Yet more American jobs require college credits, and his role is to force Joyce and Faulkner... More »

Catch the Brain Wave of the Future

Smarten up with the top destinations for online learning

(Newser) - With more and more online courses available, it's possible to learn anything, anywhere. Popular Science digs up the best continuing-ed choices : University extension programs:
  • MIT OpenCourseWare
  • Harvard Extension School
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development
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7 Stories