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Interpol Issues Security Alert

It's worried about all the recent prison breaks; follows US alerts

(Newser) - Add this to a weekend already filled with security alerts: Interpol is urging countries around the world to show "increased vigilance" because of a recent rash of prison escapes that have freed hundreds of militants in Pakistan , Libya , Iraq , Indonesia , and elsewhere. The global security alert asks for help... More »

Kids Missing Nearly 4 Years Found in Mexico

Father Kevin Maryk detained after raid in Guadalajara

(Newser) - Two Canadian kids missing for nearly 4 years were found living with their father in Mexico last week, the Winnipeg Free Press reports. On a tip, Interpol agents raided a house in Guadalajara and found Abby and Dominic Maryk, 8 and 10 respectively, living with father Kevin Maryk. The agents... More »

Arrest Warrant Issued for Faulty Breast Implant Boss

Costa Rica wants him busted for crimes against 'health and life'

(Newser) - Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for the head of a French company that used industrial grade silicone in potentially dangerous breast implants for some 30,000 women. Jean-Claude Mas, 72, is wanted by Costa Rican authorities for crimes involving "life and health," and was last seen in... More »

Record Number of Rhinos Killed in S. Africa

Meanwhile, Interpol joins effort to save Asian tigers

(Newser) - Two stories of note on the wires about animal conservation:
  • Rhinos: Poachers have killed a record 341 rhinos this year in South Africa, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The horns fetch big money on the black market for use in traditional medicine or as ornamental daggers, reports the BBC
... More »

Interpol Puts Out Warrant on Gadhafi

'Red Notice' should make it harder for him to cross borders

(Newser) - Interpol sent out Red Notice arrest warrants for Moammar Gadhafi today, along with warrants issued for son Seif al-Islam and brother-in-law and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi, CNN reports. Police around the world are urged to nab the ex-Libyan leader and extradite him to the Hague to face crimes against humanity... More »

Russia Plans to Take Out WikiLeaks

NSA predicts 'ruthless' response if Assange dishes dirt on Kremlin

(Newser) - US intelligence officials think WikiLeaks has evidence of graft and corruption among Russia’s leaders, and predict that Moscow will stop at nothing to shut down the organization. “We may not have been able to stop WikiLeaks so far,” one law enforcement official tells the Daily Beast , but... More »

Interpol Hunts Bold Pink Panthers Gem Gang

150-member crew pulls off fast, stunning ripoffs

(Newser) - Frustrated Interpol investigators are coming up empty in their frantic bid to shut down the "Pink Panther" gem gang, responsible for the most brazen jewel heists in history, from nervy ripoffs of super luxe Paris gem stores to cool grabs in Monte Carlo. "They are very well organized... More »

World Cup Gambling Rings Busted in Asia

More than 5,000 arrested in China, Singapore, Thailand

(Newser) - Illegal gambling dens across Asia are being rolled up in a post-World Cup crackdown. Police in China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore have found almost 800 illegal gambling dens, arrested more than 5,000 people, and seized almost $10 million in bets, the BBC reports . The establishments handled more than $155... More »

Security Expert: Time for Internet Passports

(Newser) - The Internet has a big problem, argues one of the big names in online security—anonymity. With that weapon, cybercriminals will always have the advantage. And the best solution is to introduce "Internet passports," Russia's Eugene Kaspersky tells ZDNet in an interview. All countries would have to play... More »

Ahmadinejad Taps Fugitive for Iran Cabinet

Defense pick wanted in '94 blast at Jewish center in Argentina

(Newser) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s pick for Iran’s defense minister is wanted in connection with the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina, the Guardian reports. Eight-five were killed and 150 injured in the attack, the worst on a Jewish target outside Israel since World War II; Ahmad Vahidi... More »

Bold Gem Heist Gang Is Toast of Serbia

'Pink Panthers' blamed for over 100 daring robberies worldwide

(Newser) - A 200-strong gang of global jewel thieves has become the bane of Interpol and heroes to many in their native Serbia, the Los Angeles Times reports. The "Pink Panthers" live among the many refugees from the Balkan wars scattered around the world. They are blamed for at least 100... More »

Terror Suspect Is Key Scotland Yard Adviser

He's 'regularly consulted' on terror issues, say officials

(Newser) - A convicted terrorist wanted by Interpol is serving on a Scotland Yard advisory board, reports the Times of London. Mohamed Ali Harrath, the subject of a "red alert" Interpol warning since 1992, was sentenced to 56 years in absentia in Tunisia for violence linked to a militant group there.... More »

Brazen 'Pink Panther' Heists Stir Ire, Admiration of Cops

European thieves renowned for suave, meticulous banditry

(Newser) - A sophisticated cadre of bandits have deserted Serbian battlefields to invade the globe's finest boutiques, the New York Times reports, daringly swiping millions worth of jewels from luxury stores. Interpol has dubbed the crooks—thought to be about 200 ex-soldiers and their relatives from the former Yugoslavia—the Serbian Pink... More »

Rebel's Files Show Chávez Aided FARC

Laptops point to arms deals, training accords with Colombian rebels

(Newser) - A cache of computer files found on a dead Colombian guerrilla leader's laptops implicates Hugo Chávez in arms deals with the FARC rebels. The Wall Street Journal reports that Colombian and American intelligence agencies, which came into possession of about 100 files, have no doubt of their authenticity. Both... More »

Global Pedophile Was Jersey's 'Best Santa'

Cops find child porn, boys' underwear in man's apartment

(Newser) - An admitted New Jersey pedophile snared by a global Interpol appeal was an entertainer at children's parties and was dubbed one of the area's "best Santas," AP reports. Prosecutors say 58-year-old Wayne Anthony Corliss, who was arrested at his apartment, has admitted having sex with young boys in... More »

Interpol Nabs Pedophilia Suspect Sought Since '06

But public pinpoints NJ man in only 2 days

(Newser) - It took the public two days to lead authorities to the Internet pedophile Interpol had been hunting since 2006, ABC News reports, with US authorities arresting Wayne Nelson Corliss, 59, early this morning in New Jersey. Police had been scouring the globe for a man seen abusing young boys in... More »

Cops Launch Global Hunt for Pedophile

Interpol appeals for help identifying man filmed abusing boys

(Newser) - Interpol has launched a worldwide appeal for help in tracking down a man suspected of sexually abusing young boys, the BBC reports. Pictures of the man abusing boys 6 to 10 years old in Southeast Asia were found on the hard drive of a convicted pedophile in Norway. Police think... More »

Interpol Chief Resigns Amid $200K Bribery Charges

South Africa's top cop linked to drug smuggler payoff

(Newser) - The president of international police organization Interpol has resigned over corruption allegations. Jackie Selebi, who is also South Africa's national police commissioner and a leading member of the African National Congress, is accused of taking $200,000 in pay-offs from a notorious convicted drug smuggler, who is awaiting trial on... More »

Interpol IDs Serial Pedophile in Scrambled Web Photos

Cops: Canadian teacher hiding out in Bangkok

(Newser) - Interpol has identified a suspected serial pedophile who posted altered photos of himself with as many as 12 boys he apparently molested in Vietnam and Cambodia, reports Reuters. Agents identified Christopher Paul Neil, a Canadian English teacher who has taught at Asian schools, after Interpol released digitally unscrambled photos from... More »

Interpol Asks Public Help to Find Pedophile

Despite photos, abuser has remained at large for years

(Newser) - Interpol is issuing an unprecedented worldwide appeal for help in tracking an elusive sexual abuser of more than 12 young boys. In 2004, the global police body received about 200 photos of a man abusing boys, with his face obscured by a swirl pattern. Computer experts decoded the swirl, but... More »

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