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Newsday Web Subscribers: 35

Disgruntled staffers told few have ventured behind paywall

(Newser) - Three months after Newsday erected a paywall around its revamped $4 million web site, only 35 people have paid the $5 a week needed to breach it. Publisher Terry Jiminez revealed the figure at a heated newsroom meeting last week, insiders tell the New York Observer . Jiminez stressed that most... More »

Newsday Jumps Behind a Paywall

Opts for 'hyper-local' approach

(Newser) - If you’ve been reading a ton of Newsday stories online, we’ve got some bad news: the Long Island daily plans to erect a paywall next week. The paper’s online content will now be closed to everyone except print subscribers, Optimum Online customers, and anyone willing to pay... More »

Newsday Will Charge for Online Content

(Newser) - Newsday will buck an industry trend by charging people to read it online, Reuters reports. The newspaper's owner, Cablevision, says it will "end the distribution of free Web content," though it didn't specify when. In the US, the Wall Street Journal is the only major paper currently sticking... More »

Cablevision Buys Newsday

LI company wins battle for paper

(Newser) - Cablevision will pay Tribune Co. $650 million for Newsday, the companies said this morning. The cable operator's bid for the Long Island daily and its free offshoot amNew York topped $580 million offers from New York Daily News owner Mortimer Zuckerman and News Corp., reports the Wall Street Journal. More »

Murdoch Drops Newsday Bid

News Corp. calls matching Cablevision's $650 million offer "uneconomical"

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch has dropped his $580 million bid for Newsday. Cable operator Cablevision has offered $650 million for the Long Island daily, and Murdoch’s News Corp. said a higher bid would be “uneconomical.” The media tycoon’s dropout was unexpected, Reuters says, considering Murdoch recently told investors... More »

Daily News Owner Makes Newsday Bid

Zuckerman v. Murdoch fight may hinge on who can clear FCC

(Newser) - Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman has matched Rupert Murdoch's bid for Newsday, the New York Times reports—but didn't go a penny over the $580 million the New York Post owner offered. Instead Zuckerman claimed his bid is the better one because, unlike Murdoch's, it doesn't run the risk of... More »

Murdoch Calls FCC Bluff With Newsday Move

News Corp. would need waiver to dodge anti-consolidation rules

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch is betting new federal standards limiting media ownership to one TV station and one newspaper (per market) won't keep him from buying a fifth New York outlet. The mogul has long held waivers to control media in excess of the rules, and he doesn't think recent enforcement pledges... More »

Murdoch Closing In on Newsday Deal

Media mogul about to grab third New York paper

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. empire is closing in on a deal to buy Newsday from the Tribune Company for an $850 million package, reports Reuters. Under the terms of the deal, Newsday would be run as a joint venture with the New York Post, but the papers would remain separate... More »

Zell Turns to Radio Talent to Shake Up Newspapers

Tribune chief hiring radio veterans to help company

(Newser) - New publishing mogul Sam Zell is recruiting colorful veterans from the radio industry in a bid to help save his struggling Tribune Company, the Wall Street Journal reports. Zell is hoping the imports will spark innovation at the company, whose debt has swelled to $12.8 billion amid declining newspaper... More »

Newsday Sale Another Bad Sign in Teetering Industry

New paper owners face outlook grimmer than those that scared off predecessors

(Newser) - Just last year, Sam Zell was optimistic enough about newspapers to buy the Tribune Company. Now he’s selling Newsday, one of the conglomerate’s top publications. “The news business is something worse than horrible,” he said recently. Across the industry, gung-ho new owners like Zell are experiencing... More »

Zell Might Sell Newsday

Tribune Co. may unload paper; Rupert Murdoch is interested

(Newser) - Falling ad revenues could push Sam Zell's Tribune Company to sell Newsday, the Long Island newspaper with the 10th-highest circulation in the nation, the New York Times reports. Among those interested are Rupert Murdoch, who already owns the New York Post. Also in the running are the owner of the... More »

Zell Seals $8.2B Tribune Deal

Vows sweeping change at now-private media company

(Newser) - Billionaire Sam Zell today sealed his bid to buy Tribune Co., proving wrong all Wall Street naysayers since his original $8.2 billion offer last April. Zell steps in as CEO and chairman, and promises sweeping reforms to the way the now-private media conglomerate will be run, the Chicago Tribune ... More »

Strahan to Rejoin Giants

Defensive end reportedly poised to end his holdout

(Newser) - Defensive end Michael Strahan will likely return to the Giants soon, possibly in time for their preseason match-up against the Jets this Saturday, according to a Newsday source. Strahan, who racked up over $300,000 in fines for skipping training camp to mull retirement, reportedly told his squad through an... More »

Trib Deal Could Come Undone

Wall Street unsure of Zell takeover will go through

(Newser) - The Tribune Company’s shareholders are meeting tomorrow to approve Sam Zell’s $8.2 billion takeover, but whispers persist on Wall Street that the deal will crumble. A disappointing stock price, concerns about the fading newspaper business, and a sagging credit market have convinced some analysts that Zell’s... More »

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