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Jon Gosselin's 'Blessing' Involves Stripping

'Being a part of something is a blessing,' he says of new gig

(Newser) - "Being a part of something is a blessing," former reality TV star Jon Gosselin tells Entertainment Tonight . The "something" he's referring to is a group of people, but not the one he originally became famous for. The 39-year-old confirms that he'll be stripping in Atlantic... More »

How an Epic Twitter Tale Mixed Scary Truth With Fiction

The 'Washington Post' takes a deep look at Zola the stripper's incredible story

(Newser) - Since a 19-year-old Detroit stripper named Aziah King (aka Zola) tweeted out a story of epic proportions on Oct. 27, she captivated millions of online readers, including studios, producers, and even Missy Elliott, who wrote : "That Zola story wild. Ended up reading the whole thing like I was watching... More »

Cops: Naked Woman Let Men Cover Her in Ketchup

'That [expletive] was fun'

(Newser) - A young woman is in trouble with police after allegedly letting a group of men treat her like a hot dog—a naked, riot-inciting hot dog—at a Miami Beach Johnny Rockets earlier this month, the New York Daily News reports. According to the Miami New Times , things got off... More »

5 Celebs Who Used to Be Strippers

The list even allegedly includes ... Brad Pitt

(Newser) - It's not much of a secret around Hollywood that long before Channing Tatum was People's Sexiest Man Alive , he was a stripper. But he's far from the only celebrity with stripping in his past. Fox News rounds up 10 more. Check out a sampling in the gallery,... More »

Strip Club to Taxman: Nude Dancing Is Art

Lap dances should be tax-free, NY club argues

(Newser) - Nude dancing is an art and should be tax-free, just like ballet performances, according to a strip club in upstate New York. Lawyers for Albany's Nite Moves will appear before the state's highest court today to argue that it doesn't need to pay sales tax on admission... More »

New Low: Octomom Sued By Strip Club

Seeks injunction to stop Nadya Suleman from appearing at rival club

(Newser) - Today in the world of Very, Very Serious Legal Battles: A strip club is trying to get an emergency injunction … to keep Octomom Nadya Suleman from stripping at a competing club. Suleman, you'll remember, was due to launch her stripping career at T's Lounge in West Palm... More »

Canada Bans Foreign Strippers

Move is to protect women, government says

(Newser) - Seeking to protect women from exploitation, Canada is ending visas for foreign strippers, reports the Globe and Mail . Foreign escorts and massage parlor workers will also be banned. The government says the move is to combat human trafficking but critics say the ruling Conservative Party is just being prudish. The... More »

Octomom's Next Gig: Stripper

West Palm Beach is in for a ... treat?

(Newser) - We purposefully waited to post this until after you had consumed your Cheerios: Octomom is graduating from making what TMZ refers to with surprising restraint as a "solo porn" flick to stripping. The site reports that Nadya Suleman will be appearing nightly from July 11 to 15 at T'... More »

8 Stars Who Used to Be Strippers

Or, in Joey Lawrence's case, are about to become strippers

(Newser) - It's no secret that heartthrob Channing Tatum used to be a stripper , but he's not the only one in Hollywood with that particular vocation on his résumé. The Frisky unveils seven more:
  • Javier Bardem: He claims his stint as a stripper lasted just 10 minutes, and that
... More »

Escorts: Utah Law Makes It Illegal to Act Sexy

They're suing to halt new law aimed at prostitutes

(Newser) - Be careful how you act in Utah: If you get too “sexy,” you could find yourself arrested under a new law. The law broadens the definition of solicitation—agreeing to trade sex for money—to include “lewd acts” that imply you want to trade sex for money,... More »

Stripper-Mobile Shocks Even Las Vegas

Trucks roaming Sin City 'are like Pied Pipers out there on the Strip'

(Newser) - Even in over-the-top Sin City, the stripper-mobile is an attention-getter. The Plexiglas-walled truck roaming the Las Vegas Strip features a stripper pole—and strippers, of course, albeit ones still wearing their skivvies. It has proven an effective marketing technique for Déjà Vu Showgirls, but if county commissioners get their... More »

Did Another Housewife Strip?

Kim Zolciak denies the rumor, but sources say she was once known as 'Barbi'

(Newser) - Perhaps the Real Housewives of Atlanta should be renamed the Real Former Strippers of Atlanta. Yet another member of the entourage—Nene Leakes was the first to admit it—is rumored to have taken part in the esteemed profession. This time it’s Kim Zolciak who supposedly made “a... More »

Guinness Heiress In Court for Drunken Striptease on Plane

'Cavorted' with passenger, threw child's dirty diaper, testify witnesses

(Newser) - A descendant of the Guinness brewing family got so drunk on a long flight that she "cavorted" with a male passenger, took off her skirt, and threw her son’s dirty diaper into a row of seats, observers say. A flight attendant said “she had absolutely no clue... More »

Paquin: 'I Take Off My Bra for Sex'

(Newser) - Sassy Anna Paquin has absolutely no trouble stripping down for scenes in HBO's steamy series Tru Blood, she tells Nylon in a let-it-all-hang-out interview. "I'm sorry, maybe there are women who keep their bras on while they have sex. I don't happen to be one of them," quips... More »

Mag Bares GI Joe Star's Stripper Past

18-year-old made $50 a night, plus tips

(Newser) - Channing Tatum is a rising star—but before his high-profile turn in GI Joe, he was known as “Chan Crawford,” a stripper at a Florida nightclub. Us has video of the then-18-year-old (watch it at left) peeling off everything but a thong as a dancer in the Chippendales-style... More »

Octuplet Mom's Stripper Name: 'Angelina'

(Newser) - Nadya Suleman’s obsession with Angelina Jolie just keeps getting creepier. Suleman, who denied stripping as a career, was actually a stripper for at least a year—and her stage name was “Angelina,” In Touch reports. “She was overly flirty with the guys we performed for,”... More »

No More Nudity, Hefner Ex Vows

Fiance is 'conservative' but will use stripper pole

(Newser) - Betrothal hasn’t tamed Hugh Hefner ex Kendra Wilkinson—at least not much, Us reports. “I still am wild, but not as wild,” the Playmate told E! in an interview airing last night. Fiancé Hank Baskett, on the other hand, “is a very conservative guy.” But... More »

Jobless Women Turn to Porn, Stripping

(Newser) - With unemployment rising, more women are moving on up by stripping down, the AP reports. The adult entertainment industry, is receiving a barrage of applications from women seeking good pay and job security in fields ranging from porno to exotic dancing. "You're seeing a lot more beautiful women who... More »

Long Island Lolita a Stripper at Last

Amy Fisher loves dancing, plans to continue indefinitely

(Newser) - In what many will probably see as reaching her ultimate destiny, the Long Island Lolita and accidental porn star has laid bare her plans to become a stripper, the New York Post reports. Not just a stripper, but a high-paid, touring-the-country stripper. “I am going to take this road... More »

Is Stripping Performance Art?

Iowa courts must question 'art center' nude loophole

(Newser) - Iowa doesn't have all-nude strip clubs—but it does have performing arts centers where women dance naked. Now the loophole in the state's public indecent exposure law that allows nude dancing at "art centers" is under attack in Hamburg (pop. 1,200), reports the AP. More »

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