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Callous Liberals Doomed Syria

Syria isn't Iraq, Richard Cohen wants you to know

(Newser) - As Syria's bloody civil war has raged on, Richard Cohen at the Washington Post has been dismayed to see so many liberals fighting against intervention. "The argument is that Syria would be Iraq all over again," Cohen writes. But "this is tendentious." People like Cohen... More »

Paul: I Was the Political Beatle

Paul claims he introduced band to anti-war ideas

(Newser) - In a revelation that will likely befuddle longtime Beatles fans, Paul McCartney claims he was the one who turned the band onto politics, the Times reports. Though McCartney was writing pop songs while activist John Lennon penned blatantly political tunes, as McCartney tells it in a Prospect magazine interview, it... More »

Lost Gandhi Recording Resurfaces

Rare speech in English calls for Indian unity and message of 'love'

(Newser) - A long-lost recording of a Mahatma Gandhi speech has emerged in the collection of an American journalist, the Washington Post reports. In the 1947 speech, one of only two known recordings of the spiritual and political leader speaking in English, Gandhi calls for peace and unity. The day before, he... More »

Puerto Rican Pacifists Say No To Pentagon

Activists undermine recruitment push with opt-out forms

(Newser) - Anti-war sentiment is pulsing through Puerto Rico, the Washington Post reports, even rattling dormant talk of independence. Pacifists have been giving high schoolers leaflets with instructions for avoiding Pentagon recruiters who have been ravenous in the poor island territory; an independence activist said the forms helped prevent young Puerto Ricans... More »

4 Stories